Guest Star: "Kanye Did A Great Job In Having Us Along [For] The Journey"

Sunday, Nov 20, 2011 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for The Airplane Boys

[In recognition of anticipated sophomore albums like Drake's Take Care and Wale's Ambition dropping this month, SOHH is featuring entertainment personalities each day this week naming their most favorite debut LP follow-up and seeing if it survived the often-discussed "sophomore jinx". After Jedi Mind Tricks ran with De La Soul is Dead, The Airplane Boys end things with Kanye West's Late Registration.]

Bon Voyage: I would definitely have to say Kanye West's Late Registration is a great example of growth. It's an album that we really respect. It's classic material and it was going through [...] experimentation.

It was a lot of different things about the album that really stood out [about the album, in comparison] to College Dropout, [such as] the way Kanye conceptualized it. It had a story and Kanye did a great job in having us go along with him on that journey.

[On] the sophomore album, the stories felt more honest, the production level stepped up and the videos surrounding it were just incredible. The "Diamonds Are Forever" video was just one of the best videos period. And then you had the remix with Jay-Z on the album, you just see Kanye growing and forming in front of you and it's a great example of what we want to do as artists. We look at that as an example of how we want to grow. [Also], "Addiction" was one of my favorite tracks off the album.

Beck Motley: I have to pick Late Registration too. You got the feeling this guy is a superstar when you listened to it. On the first album College Dropout you could he knew music from the way he was sampling things.

Then when you heard Late Registration, you could tell he was a hitmaker and a superstar. When you heard the "Diamonds Are Forever" sampling and then listening to "Addiction," you were like, "Wow, even his stories are true."

It has to be one of the best albums, ever, in our opinion.

The Airplane Boys (Beck Motley & Bon Voyage) are an evolutionary breed of sound that pushes the barriers of modern music. Having mastered their craft with a better grasp of mainstream music, The Airplane Boys have begun to make their move into the pop music industry. Their digital sound constantly evolves; built on captivating synths, experimental drum patterns and intricate lyrics. APB has opened for J.Cole on the Cole World Tour and will be hitting the road with Snoop Dogg for his UK tour on 10/6-10/9 (10/6 in Liverpool @ Liverpool Echo Arena; 10/7 in London @ O2 Arena; 10/8 in Cardiff @ Motorpoint Arena; and 10/9 in Glasgow @ Glasgow Secc). APB will be opening up for Kendrick Lamar in New York mid-october.

Debut: College Dropout (2004) Billboard Top 200 Chart: No. 2

First Week Sales: 441,000

Certification: Over 4 million copies sold

Sophomore: Late Registration (2005) Billboard Top 200 Chart: No. 1

First Week Sales: 860,000 copies

Certification: Over 4 million copies sold

You Tell Us. What do you think of Late Registration?

Check out Late Registration below:

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