"Statik Selektah Said [To Me], 'I Sent You A Beat From My iPhone, Check It Out' "

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Singled Out: "Statik Selektah Said [To Me], 'I Sent You A Beat From My iPhone, Check It Out' "

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Kid Daytona

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After CTE spitter Freddie Gibbs explained his Young Jeezy-featured "2's & Fews" record, New York rapper The Kid Daytona explains why "God Is Good".]

First of all, "God Is Good" started off with the track. The way I got that is [due to] the relationship between producer Statik Selektah, and myself. He was in New York and we talked about getting up for a long time.

You know how you see somebody and you say, "We gotta work, we gotta work, we gotta work [together]?" It just took this one long week of me and Statik bumping into each other at different parties, different events, even one time we shared a cab going back to Brooklyn.

And so one time after leaving Santos [nightclub in New York], Statik was going to Los Angeles and he said, "I sent you a beat from my iPhone, check it out." So I came back to the crib, checked it out and it was fire. It was the "God Is Good" record. I started writing my verses around it.

When he came back from L.A., we had the whole record and it was just me and I had my chorus on there. I felt like it needed something extra, like a singer on it. But at the time, we just couldn't figure out who to put on the record.

We left it on the computer for a while and one day I noticed that [singer] Goapele was following me on Twitter. It had been a while since I had seen her so it was just a shock to see her following me. I hit her up like, "Yo, thanks for the follow," and she was telling me she had seen my video on MTV Jamz and that she was a fan. I told her I would love to do a record [asked] how [could] I make that happen. She said, "Send it to [my] e-mail."

I sent it to her and there was a reference in there with me singing. And so she sent it back. And that's how we got the record, "God Is Good."

Check out "God Is Good" below:


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