"It Ain't Like A Rick Ross Concert Where Women Are Just Throwing The P*ssy Out"

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Exclusive: "It Ain't Like A Rick Ross Concert Where Women Are Just Throwing The P*ssy Out"

Monday, Nov 7, 2011 4:25PM

Written by J. Bachelor

In light of the recent release of his solo album Dirty Pretty Things, SOHH recently caught up with rapper Big Pooh to discuss the "pretty things" he has come in contact with throughout his career.

While on the topic of "pretty things," SOHH inquired about touring life and how the North Carolina MC deals with groupie love.

"I ain't one of them artists where chicks see me and wanna throw the panties at me type rappers, man [laughs]. Women tend to think I have alot of groupies, and of course, there are women who are drawn to this lifestyle, but you can be a mechanic and have groupies. But at this level that I'm at, you still have to put in work in order to get a groupie or get a female. It's not an automatic, 'When I see you, we f*ckin'' situation. That's rare." (SOHH)

When asked about the type of females that would visit shows by Pooh and his former group, Little Brother, the rapper insisted they were rarely of the "anything goes" variety.

"What alotta people don't realize is that our shows used to bring alot of couples out. There were women that liked the group, but it ain't like a Rick Ross concert where women are just throwing the p*ssy out. You still had to exhibit a little talk game."(SOHH)

On the creative side, Harlem MC A$AP Rocky said that chicks hanging around can become an unnecessary distraction for some artists when trying to produce new material.

"When pretty girls are just hanging around [the studio] people generally tend to not perform as well on the mic. You may be in the booth recording your verse, and you mess up and feel a little silly because there girl is sitting there [observing you]. [For me], it doesn't matter how many women are there, I'm just speaking in general."(SOHH)

According to Juvenile, female fans on the prowl for a little one-on-one time with the New Orleans rapper will be sorely disappointed.

"I don't deal with them. I just greet 'em, give 'em a smile and hug and that's it. They tell me how much they love me and appreciate me, but I make sure I draw that line because I'm a married man with a family. I got daughters, and I want my daughters to be treated a certain way if they ever meet a celebrity. With me, whenever I bump into female fans I try to keep it as respectable as possible." (SOHH)

In 2010, rap veteran Bun B offered some advice to artists in danger of falling victim to a big butt and a smile.

"You have to be smarter than your d*ck," he revealed in an interview. "That's just being real. When I say that, I mean not allowing sex to make dumb decisions for you to the point where you don't even allow your brain to interfere. If it just comes down to a physical thing and you let sex lead the way, you are going to be in trouble time and time again...Make sure the n*ggas that surround you have dealt with women on a mature level. Because that's where the problems starts. A lot of these cats have never really had a woman before, especially the caliber of women that comes with our career. And that's something that a lot of these cats can't turn down. You have to make sure you are surrounded by experienced men." (VIBE)

Check out an interview with Big Pooh below:


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