"I'm Not A Battle Rapper & It Just Shows You Don't Have To Be One"

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Guest Star: "I'm Not A Battle Rapper & It Just Shows You Don't Have To Be One"

Monday, Nov 14, 2011 3:30PM

Written by SOHH for Paul Wall

[With Paul Wall's new Battle Rap Stars iPhone app currently in stores, the "People's Champ" now reflects on his latest business venture, as well as juggling his other investments.]

Jump Shot Media are the ones that made the Battle Rap Stars game. A friend of mine knew some people that worked there and they just had the idea. They already had the app they were working on but they were looking for a face to go with it.

When I heard about it, I thought immediately, "I would love to do that." Just because I would love to be a part of something like that and show people that you don't have to be a battle rapper in order to enjoy the app and have fun.

I'm not a battle rapper. Any battle rapper could have got on it. Jae Millz could have got his app and really just anybody because there's so many out there but like I said, I'm not a battle rapper and it just shows you don't have to be one to get an app and have fun.

You've really got to try to stay ahead and be on what's new. If you can't get on what's new then you have to create something new. It's all about moving the culture forward. It's about moving the hip-hop culture and the hood culture forward.

Somebody has to do it and that's just the way I was taught. I've always known you have to be something more than just the music. It's more than the music. I've always been an all-around hustler, trying to get it whenever I can.

I love music. It's my first love but there's so many other aspects and things that go along with the music. Whether it be the jewelry, the tattoos. I'm getting ready to open up a tattoo shop in Houston.

Prior to making a nationwide breakout in 2005 with a guest spot on Mike Jones' "Still Tippin'" and his Swishahouse/Atlantic Records debut, The Peoples Champ, Wall was involved with promotional street teams, DJed parties, put together underground mixtapes, and was half of the Color Changin' Click with Chamillionaire. Affiliated throughout the years with Paid in Full and Swishahouse, Wall has also held down a lucrative business as a maker of diamond-laced grillz. His clientele includes Lil Jon and T.I.


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