Guest Star: "I Wanted To Be Fair Because A Quarter Of One Million Dollars Will Really Change Somebody's Life"

Friday, Nov 4, 2011 8:05PM

Written by SOHH for Amber Rose

[With the new "Master of the Mix" BET deejay competition premiering its second season tomorrow (November 5) night, one of the show's judges, Amber Rose, explains how she fits into this fall's series.]

The thing of it is, obviously I'm not a deejay, I don't know how to scratch and mix records. But the one thing that I do know is how to party.

I know when a deejay is playing a hit, the party is jumping and everybody's on the dance floor with everyone having fun. I know when the deejay is playing a song that doesn't mix well, that doesn't go together and that makes people leave the dance floor. They're like, "Ah man, why the h*ll did he play this? I'm gonna go and get a drink. You know, I'm just not even happy anymore."

People go to parties to make them happy. They want to go to parties, meet girls and guys and really have a good time. So I'm solely basing my opinion on the party aspect of the music and how they rocked the crowd.

It was really, really hard to judge these deejays because I'm super sweet. I always care about people's feelings but at the end of the day, I knew I was jumping on board for a competition so sometimes I had to tell them, "Man, you made me want to leave the dance floor. I wasn't happy when you played that. I didn't want to party anymore. I wanted to go home and go to bed. It was really, really bad."

But I'm super fair. I obviously had my favorites but I was definitely fair when it came to my opinion. These are young kids who are up-and-coming deejays and it's $250,000 [they're competing for], which is a lot of money. I definitely wanted to be fair because a quarter of a million dollars will really change somebody's life.

My Rose Buds can expect to see a lot of talent, a lot of music. I had to sit down with the deejays and really talk to them like, "Don't be scared to play some 80's pop sh*t. Or some heavy metal." I "know" music. I'm very into music. I had a mohawk when mohawks weren't cool. I'm into heavy metal like Metallica, Guns N Roses, Nirvana. I told them not to be scared.

So it's definitely going to be a lot different this year, this season, with me on there because I had to sit down with the deejays and let them know to just bring it. You have to bring it. Don't be nevous.

"Master of the Mix" Season 2 officially premieres Saturday at midnight via BET.

Amber Rose is a American model and former exotic dancer, known for her relationship with musician Kanye West and current boyfriend Wiz Khalhifa. Rose has been featured in several music video. Rose has had various endorsements and been featured on the cover of magazines like VIBE, Smooth, KING and more.

Check out the "Master of the Mix" Season 2 trailer below:

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