Singled Out: "I Heard Rick Ross Was Supposed To Be On It But I Never Really Heard His Voice"

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011 12:40PM

Written by SOHH for Ken Lewis

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After renowned singer Betty White dished out the goods on her Lil Wayne-featured "Grapes On A Vine" record, Ken Lewis talks mixing Drake's "Lord Knows" hit.]

I've found [that] throughout my career, and I haven't determined if it's a gift or a curse, but I know I do a lot of different things very well and people will call me for specific things. I used to mix all the time for Just Blaze. He usually does his own mixing now but he used to call me all the time to do musical stuff.

This year I worked with him for Rick Ross' "I Love My B*tches" and Drake's "Lord Knows" record and other things. Some people hire me to only mix and others only hire me to produce for them. I go from writing and producing singles to doing music for other people to mixing records for other people. It all depends on the day.

One of the kind of evolutions of hip-hop, in the age of records getting hurt financially by leaks and stuff like that, a lot of times when I get called in to work on the music and I'm not the producer, a lot of times I won't even hear the finished record put together.

I'll work on my piece of what I'm working on and often I'll never hear the finished vocals or I'll hear only one verse. I remember only hearing one verse to Rick Ross' "I Love My B*tches" before the sh*t was on the radio. The first time I heard it straight through was when it hit the radio.

That was the case on the Drake record. I only heard about half of one verse when it was all put together and that was just Drake's verse. I heard Rick Ross was supposed to be on it, but I never ever really heard his voice.

Ken Lewis is an award-winning producer who has worked closely with Kanye West and Jay-Z along with mixed records for Drake and Rick Ross. His credits include 7 Grammy's, 57 Gold and Platinum albums and singles, 35 #1 albums and singles, and 16 more Grammy nominations, so far. He's produced on Billboard Charting singles and #1 Albums, major label rock records, critically acclaimed indie rock albums, and major label hip hop & R&B records. He is a platinum producer and has worked on Grammy-winning projects as a mixer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and engineer.

Check out Drake's "Lord Knows" below:

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