Guest Star: "I Don't Like To Be Looked At As Simon Cowell But I'm The Master Judge. They Gotta Get Through Me"

Monday, Nov 7, 2011 11:00PM

Written by SOHH for Kid Capri

[With the weekend's "Master of the Mix" season two premiere still buzzing across the Internet, show co-host Kid Capri talks about what fans can expect from the deejay competition.]

I don't really like to be looked at as a ["X-Factor" judge] Simon Cowell but I'm the master judge and they have to get through me. I'm really excited to be on here as a judge.

This season is different because the first season we did, we all knew the deejays. They had a following like DJ Scratch, the winner of "Master of the Mix" season one, he comes from the EPMD background and has a following of his own. Every deejay had their own following and their own buzz going on.

As a matter of fact, there were some on there like [Britain's] DJ Rap. She's a triple platinum artist in her country. She comes from London and I hadn't even heard of Rap before, so that just goes to show you the world is big. There's a lot of people out there.

We didn't do that "American Idol" [approach] in the first season. We just did the season. But this time around, we're doing it "American Idol" style with new deejays, unknown people and up-and-coming people. We have a bunch of deejays from around the country. We went to Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, New York and Detroit.

Out of about 500 deejays and out of all of them, there's only going to be about eight that are selected. So the season starts after the whole "American Idol" [approach] is over with. So pretty much it's a full bunch of deejays. A lot of them were good and a lot of them got rejected.

We probably should have done the first season like this. But this is the first deejay show that ever happened as far as catering just for the deejays. So when you're brand new and you're with your first one, you have to learn and get your twists and turns together. It was good from the start with the set-up but there are some things we probably should have done in the first season that you're going to see us do now. You have to also understand that Smirnoff is backing the show and everything they do is going to continue to be top notch.

What's really good about this show is it's back for a second season and is looked at seriously. I'm not trying to not on anyone's hustle, but you're not seeing chicks fighting or anything like that. We're doing something that really means a lot. The deejay is the first element of hip-hop. They're the artists that's always going to be around. When artists have to worry about making their first songs, deejays are there to play the record.

"Master of the Mix" Season 2 airs Saturdays at midnight via BET.

DJ Kid Capri was born David Anthony Love in the Bronx, NY; he began scratching records as early as age eight, and was already an accomplished turntablist by his teens, later spinning records at the famed nightclub Studio 54 and earning a grass-roots following by selling mix tapes of his nightly sets. As his reputation grew, Kid Capri eventually signed to Warner Bros., where he produced sessions for everyone from Heavy D to Boogie Down Productions to Quincy Jones; he also spent seven seasons as the DJ for cable's Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam.

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