Guest Star: "I Didn't See Signs Of Trouble Or Anything [Bad] When It Came To ODB"

Sunday, Nov 13, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Donny Goines

[In recognizance of  the anniversary of the passing of Wu-Tang rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, Brooklyn rapper Donny Goines shares his favorite memories of the ODB's unforgettable character.]


"Wu-Tang is for the children." That's one of the things that really sticks out in my mind. Wu for the children. To be honest, when it comes to ODB, I have many fond memories of him [from my childhood].

I grew up on Wu-Tang so for me, personally, I just saw ODB like, "Wow, this is just an amazing individual." He seemed like somebody that, to me, I don't know. I didn't see signs of trouble or anything when it came to ODB. He just reminded me of my homies on the block.

He was just that kind of a person. I really respected what he did. I also understood it and just thinking about tracks like, "Shimmy Shimmy Ya", those are a million things I could talk about when it comes to ODB.

I have many fond memories of Ol' Dirty Bastard because he's a part of me. Wu-Tang is a part of me. Nas is a part of me. Biggie is a part of me. Jay-Z is a part of me. So I will always have fond memories of these people.

Whether or not I knew [Wu-Tang] personally is irrelevant. They are just embedded within my DNA. ODB is a legend and God rest his soul.

Donny Goines was born in the borough of Manhattan but spent most of his youth going back and forth between Philly, the Bronx, and Harlem. With an incarcerated father and a mother recovering from her battle with a drug addiction meant that Donny would be left to fend for himself and exposed to the allure of the streets at an early age. Ingrained with a street mentality that some can only imitate, Donny knew that to fill the holes in his life, something had to change, something had to happen. His energies had to focus on a positive to avoid the negative. Having been forced to grow up fast, Donny realized in his searching that music was his solace. With an obvious interest in performing, writing and freestyling, hip-hop became a more prominent aspect of Donny's life, it became his salvation.

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