Underrated: "He's One Of The Sickest, Hardcore, Gangsta N*ggas To Ever Pick Up The Mic"

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Co$$

[Ante Up: With M.O.P.'s new Sparta album in stores this week, SOHH's featuring entertainment personalities naming Lil Fame/Billy Danze as the most underrated emcee. After Amber Rose named DMX last week, West Coast rapper Co$$ now crowns Lil Fame SOHH Underrated.]

Lil Fame (SOHH Underrated)

SOHH Underrated is easy for me. This is nothing. Lil Fame is my pick. I really like his style.

I just feel like he's one of the illest n*ggas to do it. Every time n*ggas will list their top five favorite rappers, or maybe a top twenty, they leave out Lil Fame. It's like they just don't know. I think n*ggas think about it like, "Oh yeah, Lil Fame ridiculous," but for some reason they don't really focus in on Fame.

I feel like they don't focus in on him like they should. I just feel like Lil Fame is one of the sickest, hardcore, gangsta n*ggas to ever pick up the mic. And it's not just the gangsterism [in his style], it's just that he's so lyrically inclined at the same time.

And he production? H*ll yeah. H*ll yeah it's good. Fame is good and he's hip-hop. It's just the streets when it comes to M.O.P. They're really representing hip-hop, the soul of this sh*t. That's what I respect about them so much.

It's that everything hip-hop is, is M.O.P; the streets and the artistic aspect of it.

Co$$ is a West Coast rapper known for his lyrical prowess and being one of the most underrated emcees in teh Los Angeles era. Having dropped his long-awaited Before I Awoke album in June 2011, Co$$ tours the road and continues to try and input more social commentary into music.

Check out M.O.P.'s music below:

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