Underrated: "He Just Got Up There & Whatever Was Pissing Him Off, He Just Spit It Out"

Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Nephew Tommy

[West Coast Ridin': With California heating up the spotlight courtesy of new acts like Kreayshawn and Odd Future, SOHH is featuring entertainment personalities giving underrated props to a couple rap vets from the Golden State. After Six Reasons gave Too Short the crown earlier this week, comedian Nephew Tommy names Ice Cube SOHH Underrated.]

Ice Cube (SOHH Underrated)

I'm 44 years old and I still haven't seen anybody better than 2Pac and Ice Cube. Nothing better. Pac was a straight up poet. Nothing was better than Pac. But as far as SOHH Underrated for today, somebody that's still got it? I saw this guy at the House of Blues [nationwide spots] and I gotta tell you, that d*mn Ice Cube has still got it.

Ice Cube is still nice with his music. I want to say Pac but for somebody that's still doing it to this day, I'm going to have to say Ice Cube. If I had to really name the two best, I'd go with Cube and Pac.

I have always liked Cube. I think I jumped on the bandwagon when he dropped [his 1991 sophomore album] Death Certificate. He just got up there and whatever was pissing him off, he just spit it out. "You used to be hard but now you're just all wet and soft." This n*gga was the sh*t back in the day.

I still pop all of Ice Cube's music in. I still listen to Death Certificate, "Today Was A Good Day", and all of that. And the dude still goes hard. When you go see him perform live, he's still the bomb. And while I'm at it, going way back in the day, lyrically, Eric B. & Rakim were really the sh*t. They were beasts.

Thomas Miles aka Nephew Tommy is selling out comedy clubs across the country with very little TV exposure. Comedy clubs have had to add additional shows to accommodate the demand to see him. Thomas visited his uncle, famed comic Steve Harvey at WBLS radio station in New York City for only a few weeks and one year later he is now part of one of the most successful start-up Nationally Syndicated Morning Show in history.

Check out Ice Cube's music below:

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