News: Gangsta Boo Regrets Labeling Kreayshawn With The W-Word, "I Was Wrong For Calling Her A Wigger"

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011 1:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Memphis rapper Gangsta Boo recently reflected on patching up her issues with West Coast hip-hop newcomer Kreayshawn and regretted labeling her as a "wigger" in an interview.

Gangsta admits she slandered Kreay before ever having been in her presence.

"I was wrong for calling her a wigger, because I've never been around her in my life to even say that's how she acts. So to me, a wigger is someone who's 100% "white power" with their white friends and when they get around their Black friends they're Yo! MTV Raps type-sh*t. Like, super urban, talking with hella slang, and that's really not them. Just like a black person could be an oreo, like how Carlton was on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you got some Black people that's super, super hood but they wanna get around White people and get all stiff-backed and talk all corporate and... you know... you know what it is." (Hip Hop DX)

In late October, Gangsta raised eyebrows after initially dishing on her issues with Kreay.

"I don't listen to Kreayshawn," she said. "I'm really not feeling her. -- I think she's a wigger. I think she looks like she came out the movie B.A.P.S.; like the whole ghetto girl thing, I don't know if that's how white girls do it in Oakland. I got to meet her personally to feel her out, to understand like, 'OK, like, this is really this girl, like she ain't a wigger, she just her. She likes ghetto looks, she ain't trying to be a black girl. That's just her.' So until I meet her I have a lil' bitter taste in my mouth to her...To me it's an act and it's a gimmick but its not a funny one." (XXL Mag)

Prior to them coming to terms, Kreay unveiled her respect for the former Three Six Mafia member.

"I was just like kind of shocked because I'm a fan of Gangsta Boo and as a female, she was one of the females in the game that inspired me to rap," she said of the comments made about her on "RapFix Live." When I heard it I was like, 'What? Gangsta Boo? This sucks.' To hear that from somebody that inspired me." (MTV)

Days later, Gangsta said she squashed her issues against the "Gucci Gucci" rapper.

"@KREAYSHAWN Lets DM right qick," she tweeted October 28th.
"Just got off the phone w/ @KREAYSHAWN & I DID snap a lil bit in interviews but she took it like a G & she Luvs BAPS & she is not a "wiggy""
"New respect 4 her because she did not take it to heart & she got at me letting me know she was not talking abt me so HEY MEDIA :) BYE MEDIA" (Gangsta Boo's Twitter)

Check out a recent Kreayshawn interview below:

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