News: Eminem Tried To Get A Hold Of The King, Says T.I. [Video]

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011 4:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. discussed the respect he has for Eminem and detailed how Slim Shady attempted to reach out to him during his 11-month jail stint for a probation violation.

According to the "King of the South," Em's triumph over his own battles and afflictions  motivated him.

T.I. told's The Juice that, alhough he has yet to connect with Eminem since he was freed from his second prison stint on Sept. 29, 2011, the Detroit rapper continues to be an "enormous supporter." "I haven't had a chance to speak to Em since I've been home," T.I. said. "I heard that while I was down, he was trying to get in contact with me, but I don't know if the dots just didn't connect. [Eminem] overcoming his own adversities, winning the battle against his own demons and continuing to break the mold and re-set the standard of what it means to be the most successful hip-hop artist in the game ... I salute that to no end." (The Juice)

In May 2010, Tip said Em supported him through a previous jail stint, the result of a weapon conviction.

"I reached out to Em," Tip explained to MTV News. "My management reached out to his management, just in hopes of getting him on a record. Em personally reached out to me, and we been speaking ever since, especially since I went through my situation [with having to go to prison]. [He would] just kinda remind me that 'I've been through dark period in my life too. You're gonna make it. You're one of the ones we need, so you're gonna make it. Stand tall and walk the walk.' He just made it a point to always reassure me of the spot that I hold in this thing that we got called hip-hop. It was incredibly helpful. It was incredibly noble of him, in my eyes, to even take the time out to reach out to me." (MTV)

A year prior, Marshall Mathers talked about T.I. and Lil Wayne reigniting his passion for the rap game.

"But with this new T.I. [Paper Trail] album, with this new Lil Wayne album of recent, it seems like things are looking a lot better now. You can appreciate Lil Wayne using different words to rhyme and actually rhyming words that you know. Or T.I., where you hear sh*t and you're like Whoa, ah, I wish I would have thought of that! You know what I mean? Or you hear all the compound-syllable rhyming and all that. It just seems like now the craft is getting cared about more." (XXL Magazine)

Prior to beginning his 11-month bid last year, Tip confessed to developing an addiction to pain killers.

"I had a lot of work done to my teeth. Oral surgery, extractions, six, seven, eight root canals. Between January to February. As soon as I got out, I had a lot of stuff done. In the joint, you eat sh*t that is unhealthy for you. I had fillings that fell out and stuff that had to get dealt with. Of course for the pain they gave me Oxycontin and Hydrocodone. And, mind you, on October 13, 2007, I had cut off everything, weed, alcohol. Then I get these pills and I start taking them for the pain at first. And then I'm like, Wait, this sh*t makes me feel good. And it's legal. After the pain went away, I kept taking it. I had like five, six prescriptions. So I had, like 80 pills. Everybody else might have a drink or smoke a blunt, I took a pain pill. Times when I had 18-, 20-hour days, I'd take a pain pill. And eventually I developed, I guess, the beginning stages of dependence." (VIBE)

Check out T.I.'s interview below:

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