"Embedded": "It's Produced By The Same Guy That Did Jay-Z's First Album"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Embedded": "It's Produced By The Same Guy That Did Jay-Z's First Album"

Monday, Nov 14, 2011 1:35PM

Written by SOHH for Locksmith

[With the new release of his highly-anticipated Embedded solo album dropping tomorrow, West Coast rapper Locksmith gives you his Top 5 reasons to pick up the LP.]

1. We Make Movies

The number one reason is because it's authentic, sincere and passionate music. Basically it's music that's coming from a place that's very sincere. It's my first body of work that I'm putting out there [that] people can actually purchase it. So this is coming from that authentic place. It's coming from that place in hip-hop where you first heard those first great albums that you always loved. It's coming from that same authentic place. So when you go out and get it, you're going to get that same rawness and hunger and that same passion. That's the number one reason.

2. Without A Reasonable Doubt

The number two reason is because it's produced by one of the greatest of all time, Ski Beatz. It's produced by the same guy that did Jay-Z's first album. So you're going to get that hip-hop. It's going to feel like it's 1996 again but updated.

3. Lyrical Slaughter

Number three is because it's coming from a lyricist. I've proven I'm a lyricist. Anybody who knows anything about me already knows. But if you don't know about me, just look me up and check "Locksmith." You're going to see the spots that I've earned throughout the underground and throughout the battle scene. I've paid my dues. I've shown I have these lyrical skills. It's something that I take pride in. I feel like it's almost a forgotten art. So when you hear the album, you're going to hear lyricism on display.

4. Thank Me Later

Number four is because I feel this is music that's going to get better in time. Some of the greatest albums I love are the ones that I heard at first and I liked them and as I listened to them more, they really grew on me. I feel it's like that kind of album. These are songs that aren't necessarily catered to the radio. These are songs that I think are reflective of my life. When you heard Jay-Z and Nas' first albums, they were talking about what they were going through at the time. You're going to get timeless music when you hear Embedded.

5. Full Circle

Let's keep this culture allive. Let's support good music. If you listen to this album, if there's something you feel good about, support it. We need to keep this culture alive. We need to keep it alive and support what we love. We can't keep just downloading the music. We have to keep this sh*t alive by paying for it. Plus, I've given you a lot of free stuff. If you look on the Internet, you'll see I've dropped a mixtape, put out videos. So now I'm putting this out and it's time to pay the bills.

You Decide. Will you buy Embedded?

To preview/purchase the new LP, just click here.


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