Drake's 'Take Care' Leaks: Early Thoughts & Sales Predictions? [Click Here & Speak]

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SOHH Whatcha Think: Drake's 'Take Care' Leaks: Early Thoughts & Sales Predictions? [Click Here & Speak]

Monday, Nov 7, 2011 12:05AM

Written by J. Bachelor

Welp, another YMCMB production is spreading across the internet faster that a celebrity sex tape. You would think after Weezy's C4 spilled into public hands before its official release date that greater precautions would be taken to make sure Drake's sophomore LP didn't suffer the same fate, but think again. Take Care has leaked, and if you listen close enough, you can hear millions of copies being downloaded at this very second.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

Prior to the album's release, Drizzy hit us with the singles "Headlines" and "Marvin's Room". Like his pre-album singles from his debut, these tracks became wildly popular on commercial radio. Not a bad way to build up anticipation for your second disc. Add this to the fact that he's been working on this project for some time, and people have been waiting to see if this new one could outdo the acclaim and sales of his previous effort.

I'm predicting between 350-450K album's sold for Take Care's first week. What kind of numbers are you expecting it to put up? Also, for those of you that have heard the ... advanced version of this release, how does it stack up to Thank Me Later?

Check out Drake featuring The Weeknd with "Crew Love":


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