"DJ Whoo Kid Won't Just Do A Mixtape With Anybody"

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Guest Star: "DJ Whoo Kid Won't Just Do A Mixtape With Anybody"

Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011 11:05PM

Written by SOHH for Kenny Kingpin

[With the new release of his Scarface-produced, DJ Whoo-hosted Rubberband Ready Radio mixtape, West Coast's Kenny Kingpin tells the backstory on how the project came together.]

Rubberband Radio is just a symbol of prosperity. We all have our own individual struggles and so the Rubberband Radio series is just a celebration of me overcoming some struggles and also preparations for more struggles to come. So that's what I mean by Rubberband Radio.

I used to be signed to Rap-A-Lot Records and I was one of their first West Coast artists. During those days, it was around 1995, 1996, back in the day, and I had developed a close knit relationship with Scarface [who was also on Rap-A-Lot.]. He's been sort of a mentor to me and I've been really blessed in my career to have some real solid mentoring.

Scarface was one of those mentors for me. He knows my struggle and the fighting that I've done to get my music heard. He decided to support me because he knows my struggle personally and so I was able to get that hand from my mentor.

DJ Whoo Kid was able to hear my music first. Of course people know that DJ Whoo Kid won't just do a mixtape with anybody. So he heard my music and he felt like my style impressed him. My style is different from a lot of these West Coast artists coming from my area, South Central LA, Crenshaw District. He thought my style was something that needed to be heard and that I was bringing forth a mature sound that was coming from the West.

We have a mutual friend and he introduced us and then we had a listening session. [Brooklyn rapper] Maino happened to be there at the time and Whoo Kid looked at Maino and was like, "All right, I got your back. Let's roll." That was about two months ago when this happened. So we put together the mixtape and called it a day.

Some of those songs I had on my street album, Rubberband Ready. Now Rubberband Radio Ready is sort of like a part two to that and I added about seven or eight more songs. So it only took me a few weeks to put it together. A lot of those songs were things I had piled up. Whoo Kid picked the songs he wanted to highlight on the mixtape.

I wanted to do something different. I wanted to give it the theme of a radio station. I feel like radio needs to go through some changes as far as cutting edge music, so I decided to make my own radio station.

We're going to see what the reaction to this is. If the people are feeling it and want to go ahead on this concept, then I'm definitely going to give them more.

This time around the sun will rise on the west coast with the arrival of the South Central, Los Angeles rhyme boss, Kenny Kingpin. Verbal documentaries, detailed storytelling with a swift ability to paint mental pictures via his articulate and seamless vocabulary; the newest rider introduces yet another layer from the left coast with a style he so eloquently calls his very own. He is most known for his association with Rap-A-Lot Records in the 1990's.

Check out Rubberband Ready Radio below:

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