Did Chris Brown Really Hit Drake With The People's Elbow Over Ri-Ri? [Click Here & Speak]

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SOHH Whatcha Think: Did Chris Brown Really Hit Drake With The People's Elbow Over Ri-Ri? [Click Here & Speak]

Friday, Nov 4, 2011 12:32AM

Written by J. Bachelor

When did R&B Singers become more dangerous than rappers? You got Lyfe Jennings leading police on a wild chase, Ray J threatening to get gay hitmen to go medieval on Fabolous and now n*ggas is saying that Chris Brown hit Drizzy with the elbow of justice? Cold world. Real cold world.

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According to DJ Whoo Kid, Breezy threw an elbow at Drake over Rihanna. Now, Whoo Kid wasn't specific on when this occurred, but this yellow love triangle is some wild sh*t, especially considering that Drake has been vocal about his thirst for Ri-Ri in the past. During an interview with Tim Westwood here's what Mr. Kid said went down:

"He [Drake] has at least eight songs on the radio that's killing it," Whoo Kid said. "Not to mention features and his on singles. And him and Rihanna are supposedly fooling around. I think he got elbowed too by Chris Brown, but that never came out."(ThisIs50.com)

Whoo Kid even went as far as to mention exactly where the blow landed:

"In the chin, like the corner left part. Man down, simple as that," Whoo Kid added.

I don't know, man. Why was this never reported before, and furthermore, what's the deal with these R&B singers going HAM on rappers?

SOHH Watcha Think -- Do you really think Chris Brown caught Drizzy with an elbow?


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