Pulse Report: Drake Goes From Wanksta To Gangsta, Rick Ross Pays Cost To Be Boss, Kreayshawn Steady Mobbin'

Friday, Nov 4, 2011 1:05PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we stop laughing-out-loud and really consider how gangsta Drake has become in the past seven days, realize that Rick Ross may have ultimately paid the cost to be a "Boss", say, "That's Kreayshawn!" and oh SOHH much more!

1. What Up, Gangsta?

SMH. Doggies, have we really seen the transformation of Drake in the past week? LOL. Just when I thought Take Care was filled with only girlie stuff that I would pass off to the ladies in my family, I start seeing and hearing this Canadian doggy popping some stuff off. I mean, there's really no immediate place to start at. We're talking about a doggy that went from doing "Degrassi" to smoking weed on So Far Gone to getting all emo on us to kinda, sorta, making tough-guy stuff? LOL. I wanted to save it for the end, but we GOTTA look at Drake going at Uncle Luke!!! WHOA! THAT'S KREAY! LOL.

Its not much of a diss, but Drake basically tells Luke to come at him too, all in while confirming that he in fact does come to Miami occasionally to club hard and "f*ck women" as he put it. Oh boy, best believe Luke is gonna respond. Here's what Drake says in song-form in the first seconds of "The Motto", which leaked a couple days ago. A song that may not make the final cut of Drake's album Take Care. This is what he said below... "Tell Uncle Luke I'm out in Miami too/Clubbin' hard, f*ckin' women, there ain't too much to do...Wrist bling, got a condo up on Biscayne/Still gettin' brain from a thang, ain't sh*t change."

^ SMH. Just for the record, doggies, The305.com is a hot site for all things Miami. I used to scoop up Mrs. Butterworths from there on the regular. LOL. But anyway, back to the matter at hand. If y'all try to downplay this as anything other than Drake firing a shot at Uncle Luke, you're bugging. LOL. That's some real hard bars he's dropping right there. I think Drizzy took the easy way out though b/c he knew Uncle Luke has been dissing every doggy he can name. Wiz Khalifa? LOL. Diddy? LOL. Politicians? LOL!!! That's wild. Hate doggy or not, you gotta respect him showing up for Lil Wayne and telling Lukey Pookey to come at him. That was hard. PAUSE. Even harder? Turning down Future's music video request! LOL!!!!

"Yeah, but I salute him for even getting on the record," Future said when asked about Drizzy's absence from the "Tony Montana" remix music video. "I wasn't real mad about it but when I first talked to him about it, I told him, 'If you do this, make sure you know what you're doing, this is my baby.' ... It wasn't a shocker because when he did it [the remix], I knew he wasn't going to do it -- just because that's what the music industry has come to. Nobody ain't trying to give nobody a hand and help them push them in the right direction no more than what you're going [in the right direction]. ... It's basically like a slap in my face because [the fans are] like, 'You should have did it with somebody from Atlanta who's gonna get in the video, who want to be a part of your video.' ... I really wanted to give Atlanta something different and it turned out being a slap in my face for it not completing the whole thought." (The Source)

Oh, it doesn't stop there, peep what Drake said after that!

"Throw em a bone and they want a steak.," Drake tweeted hours later on November 2nd. (Drake's Twitter)


LOL!!!! Doggies, if this isn't almost the same thing as what Ma$e did to Cam'ron back in the day! LOL!!!!

So you factor in Drake going at Uncle Luke and him snubbing Future? LOL!!!! The fact that he even took it to Twitter and taunted doggy too? LOL!!!! That's KREAY! And whiile we're talking about some gangsta, gangsta Drake moves, let's peep some other little tid bits:

DrakeJay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac

"Top 5 hip hop albums for me, because I'm young, for me. Black Album. Clipse, Lord Willin'. Uh, this is not an album, but The Little Brother/[Mick] Boogie [And Justus For All] mixtape, that was like pivotal in my life. And then I would have to say, uh, I say [Notorious B.I.G.'s] Life After Death. And then I will say a toss up between [Andre 3000's] The Love Below and [OutKast's] Aquemini. That's five" (The Source)

^ I can't lie, that's a pretty hot Top 5 list. I see Drake's gangsta right there...but then again, where is Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Paid in Full??? LOL. But all that stuff to the side, tell me y'all doggies saw what Taraji P. Henson said. Long story short? DRAKE WAS TRYING TO SMASH!!! LOL!!!

"Drake was a friend. It was cute because I knew he liked me and I kept looking at him like 'If you were ten years older, boy whooo' but no," she told television host Wendy Williams when asked about the 25 year-old. "I couldn't because he is seven years older than my son." ("The Wendy Williams Show")

So add it up. Drake goes at Uncle Luke ON WAX, disses Future by not only snubbing that music video but also getting at him with the subliminal, names a couple hip-hop classics in his Top 5 (Life After Death, Lord Willin') and has Taraji P. Henson admit he was trying to crush her guts. Doggies, if that's not gangsta, then y'all are bugging.

2. Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss

Say what y'all doggies want but I was shook and to keep it a hundred with y'all? I still am. LOL. But all my personal problems out the door, the fact remains that Rick Ross is back and in full effect. If y'all ask me, it's still early for this doggy to be hitting up television shows and doing concerts. But eh, it was written, right doggies? Well, if y'all didn't know it already, the "Boss" made his presence felt in a big way this week. Peep the doggy!

"On the flight, I had a seizure and when I snapped out of it and they had told me what happened, I'm like, 'You bugging. Call the jet, we finna keep it moving.' ... I felt a little wore out but I felt like I could keep going and that's what it was," Ross told "106 & Park" hosts Terrence J and Rocsi. "I boarded a jet and I had another seizure and when I snapped out of that one, I woke up in front of a doctor and he asked me basically, 'When was the last time you slept eight hours?' And I said it had to have been at least five years. ... I would get two hours of sleep and keep moving -- me being the hustler. That has to stop. I was fortunate enough, the doctor ran a battery of tests on me from cancer, diabetes, HIV, et cetera, et cetera and I came back totally healthy..."It was a case of me not getting enough rest, just not getting enough sleep so I had to fix that. Since then, I've just been relaxing, spending time with my family, my loved ones. And you know, just taking it chill for a while -- against the doctor's orders, soon as I got home, I was supposed to be on bed rest but actually, me and Jay-Z finished the biggest collaboration that we've ever done together for my album [God Forgives, I Don't] ... [5-0 Cent's remarks?] I mean, you know, if it was genuine, I appreciate it. If that's the case, I thank you, homie. It's all about us taking care of ourselves. You know what I'm saying?"

^ That's worty of a post by itself, doggies. Take care of your bodies and love live the boss! Booosssssssssssssssss!!!

3. Doggy of the Week: Kreayshawn

Doggies, I won't lie to y'all, I'm not sure why Kreayshawn is that doggy that we all love to...love? LOL. For some reason, I kept seeing her name get listed on SOHH and a bunch of other places. But when I took the time to look and see what all was written, I realized there were only about 3-4 posts. LOL. So call this that nasty World Series/Super Bowl/NBA Finals where the game was won by sloppy game play b/c I don't know how Kreay is getting that Doggy crown this week. We could start with her babbling on about Twitter Vs. Facebook (which she actually brings up a few good points) and then look at what she had to say about those leaked birthday suit photos. Or we can even see how she is down with Spitta (if y'all doggies don't know who Spitta is, then y'all are WACK!) or even see how Gangsta Boo all-of-a-sudden had that Game "Change of Heart" and became this chick's biggest groupie. LOL. Well, maybe, it's about the quality and not quantity after all, doggies. LOL. Give it up to this week's Doggy of the Week. Kreayshawn. That's cray.

1. The Tweets Are Talking, Doggy

"I'm always on Twitter. I'm on Twitter too much," Kreay said in an interview. "I have people who follow me and that are my fans like, 'I'm a huge fan of Kreayshawn but she really needs to stop tweeting so much.' You know what I'm saying? I over tweet sometimes. But you know, you go through things, you over tweet, we get into our mind frame and kind of let the keyboard turn into your head if that happens. I'm good, I'm good. My online presence, I must say I'm very skilled at the electronics and things. Freestyling tweets. That's what I do. Yes. You gotta do it man. Twitter cypher. ... Facebook is like your living room, you invite your friends and your family into your living room, you show them photos and update them with family things and places you're going. Twitter is like a street where all these motherf*ckers are just standing out there screaming at the top of their lungs. [Which do I prefer?] I like the streeeets. [laughs]" (Daily Dot)

^ I'm not sure how many of y'all were messing with Bulldog Butters on here back around 2010 when I tried my hand at Twitter. LOL. Needless to say, that didn't last very long and I'm glad to see that Kreay had some good input on what's really good with Facebook/Twitter. I don't know about y'all, but Facebook is my life. Twitter? Ehhhhhhh, I'm good, doggies.

2. That Doggy's Gonna Be Locked Up & They Won't Let Him Out

"Yeah, definitely," Kreay said when asked if she felt more vulnerable about her personal life getting exposed publicly. "[It made me realize,] don't send your e-mail and phone numbers on Twitter and stuff like that. Be more secretive. But f*ck. What the f*ck are you going to do? But did you know, did you know the guy that did that to me, do you know how many years he's facing in jail? A hundred and twenty motherf*cking years because he didn't just do it to me, he did it to that f*cking hot chick -- [actress] Scarlett Johansson -- he put out this country singer's medical information and he put out all of these movie scripts that ..." (The Daily Dot)

^ LOL!!! In all fairness, the only reason this is a good look is b/c Kreay kinda, sorta, won? LOL. But let's be clear. Kreayshawn does not get mentioned under the same breath as Scarlett Johansson. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That stuff cray.

3. I'm Going Down, Down, Doggy


"No, but I'm gonna call up Curren$y," Kreay said when asked if Snoop Dogg told her the hot spots to hang out in New Orleans for this past weekend's Voodoo Experience Fest. "He'll tell me what to do. We've been trying to link up, because he wants me to shoot a video for him. He keeps telling me "Come out to New Orleans!" So maybe we'll do a crazy Voodoo Fest video. I've always loved the music coming out of the south - the old-school Mannie Fresh beats and the Hot Boys." (NOLA News)

^ Whether y'all like her music or not is beyond relevant, doggies. It still makes me wonder how Gucci Mane can cake up and we can barely understand anything EXCEPT for his hooks on records. Remember, "She's a very freaky gurl." LOL. I like that she has the skill to direct music videos and just make paper off the mic. If y'all can't respect that doggies, well, blow yourselves. LOL. Oh yeah, Spitta co-signs her too, so y'all already know what it is.

4. I Turn Gangstas Into Wankstas, Doggies


"@KREAYSHAWN Lets DM right qick," she tweeted October 28th.
"Just got off the phone w/ @KREAYSHAWN & I DID snap a lil bit in interviews but she took it like a G & she Luvs BAPS & she is not a "wiggy""
"New respect 4 her because she did not take it to heart & she got at me letting me know she was not talking abt me so HEY MEDIA :) BYE MEDIA" (Gangsta Boo's Twitter)

^ LOL!!!!!!!!! I guess Gangsta Boo started considering those Twitter followers and Kreay's buzz right about now, huh? LOL. I still don't see Kreayshawn lasting to the second quarter in 2012 but either way, she just made Gangsta Boo look retarded for labeling her as a wigger. LOL. Come on, doggies, in 2011/2012, this chick is still using the term "wigger?" LOL!!!!!! LOSER! LOL!!!!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Mia Bunny

In case y'all doggies didn't get a chance to mess with Cap Diss earlier this week, I specifically pointed out that it was freezing balls and snowing Alaska out here in New York/New Jersey last weekend. LOL. And I don't care how many heaters, blankets and New York Jets snuggles you have at your crib, nothing beats the warmth of an exotic delight like Mia Bunny. LOL. Oh what, y'all thought I was gonna keep whining? LOL. Come on doggies, y'all know once we get here it's smooth sailing through the rest of PR, and I ain't talking Puerto Rico. But instead of hyping her up, I'm gonna let y'all go head first into this. Strap up doggies, this is gonna be a fun ride!

Mia BunnyMia Bunny

Mia BunnyMia Bunny

Mia BunnyMia Bunny

^ SMH. That's illegal in about 49 states, doggies. LOL! And just for the fun of it, let's get some moving visuals for y'all happy go-lucky doggies.

5. "STFU" Honors

Doggies, once again we have some classics in "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors. LOL. I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it up. We got Angel Luv, I refuse to name this Mrs. Butterworth LoLa Monroe, talking about she had offers on the table for a record deal. LOL!!!!!!! Come on doggies, Nicki Minaj had to grind it out to get something with Young Money. We're supposed to believe not only did labels want you but that Wiz Khalifa is now the truth? LOL!!!!!!! Then we gotta put Fat Joe on blast for either being the biggest a-hole in the world or just giving a bum interview. Come on, no advice for Rick Ross? Doggy is tripping. Next is A$AP Rocky who signed the deal of his life. $3 MIL!?!! LOL!!!!!! Doggies, what are these pups smoking? LOL!!!! Not even Kreayshawn, 5-0 Cent or any other doggy you can think of got a $3 mil signing deal. LOL. Who does he think he is? A relief pitcher for the New York Yankees? LOL!!!!!! Then the last two doggies are just beyond hilarious. Drake getting called The G.O.A.T.? Soulja Boy Tell Em saying doggies are jacking his style? LOL!!!! This ain't 2007 any more, SB! Wake-up! Oh yeah, and in case y'all didn't know already, welcome to "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors!

1. Angel Luv

She explained why she decided to sign with the "Black and Yellow" rapper. "Wiz is like a positive free individual that's about his business and that matches everything I've created on my side," she said. "When he reached out, he was like, 'I feel as though our movements represent the same thing, so I want you to rep Taylor Gang.' And I agreed, so it's only right. Plus, out of all the situations that came to me, my business instincts and just the comfort level, I felt it was just the right move with him. He's a stand-up dude and it just felt right." LoLa, who was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at this year's BET Awards, is prepping her debut album and will drop a new single in November. "It's gon' be crazy."

2. Fat Joe

fat-joe-rick-ross-2011-10-29-300x300.jpgFat Joe

Joey Crack's friend and fellow heavy-set collaborator Rick Ross recently suffered two seizures that many are speculating are connected to the Bawse's weight. Yet when asked by XXL if he had any thoughts on Rozay's current situation, Crills said he had no advice. "He's a grown man," Joe said of Ross. "Whatever his health problems are he's gonna deal with them or do whatever he got [to do]. I can't offer that man nothin'."

3. A$AP Rocky

asap-rocky-2011-10-14-300x300.png50 Cent

"About three million dollars. [Other rappers who don't sign] are smart, but I feel like Sony/RCA is a family and the people there actually care about me," A$AP responded when asked why he signed with a major. "When I came to meet [Polo Grounds Music founder] Bryan Leach, I got to know him on a personal level-- he would set up car service for me to go to other labels. He wanted to see me make it. He's from Harlem. I'm going to have creative control; there's no bullshit. The situation is almost unrealistic. I mean, five months ago I had about $3,000 in my bank account. Now I'm worth $3 million. Nobody's gotten a deal like that since 50 Cent."

4. Chase N. Cashe


"We've got to stick together. That's one thing I try to do. Me knowing Drake's position in this rap sh*t right now, he's really the forefront leader of our generation," Chase said. "He's the G.O.A.T. right now. As far as, if we were to say, who's doing anything you want to do, success that the new generation wants to achieve, he's the one who's done it. He's the one paving the way for us in the street and the Internet."

5. Soulja Boy Tell Em


""I mean there's artists out there, but its like, sh*t got dry in the last few years. N*ggas be trying to sound like me and sh*t. I listen to a hit, it's like 'Okay it's a hit, but it sounds like me.' ... Every time I do something they copy it," Soulja Boy said of competitors. "I mean its cool, it makes me bigger and sh*t. But it's just like... Once you do so much copying, I can't do me then."

***Doggies, it's Friday and if y'all are like me, y'all can't wait until Sunday when those Jets put those Buffalo Bills to the ground! Coming off of a bye week and the Patriots losing last week? LOL! Yeah, we're about to hit that hot streak. Other than that, y'all doggies BETTER be messing with that A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas! LOL!!!!! That looks SICK! I might watch it Friday and come back Saturday. Those flicks are classic. Until Tuesday, y'all doggies be safe! -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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