SOHH Whatcha Think: Blame Rap For Booty Boom? Pics Of Juciest & Scariest In Celeb A** Implants [Click Here & Speak]

Monday, Nov 21, 2011 11:35AM

Written by J. Bachelor

It was either Shakespeare, or 90's R&B group Bell, Biv, Devoe that uttered the immortal line, "Never trusteth a big butt and a smile." Alas, truer words were never spoken; and as women head to the doctor with the desire to make their a**es even bigger, it's getting harder for a pimp to find someone trustworthy amongst all these delicious derrieres.

Back in the day, either a sistah was born with an a** or she had to be really good in school. Nowadays, sh*t, even white girls are gettin' thick as hell, , blame it on the Goose or blame it on the rain or blame it on rap: In the world of Hip Hop, having a bangin' backside is a big deal nowadays, so much so that broke chicks have resorted to filling their a**es with cement and Krazy glue in order to fill out them Applebottoms.

An unlicensed cosmetologist used Krazy glue and paper towels to help seal a patient's implants. She has now been charged with criminally negligent homicide. Elsa Then, 58, was implicated in the death of Fioraliza Pichardo, 43, who died the day after receiving implants into her thighs and buttocks in 2009. The autopsy revealed that the silicone had gone into her bloodstream since it was loose and not contained and went into her lungs, leading to cardiac arrest.(Weird Crimes)

I've heard the phrase, "An a** to die for" but that's taking it a bit far. Health Tip: Anytime you visit a doctor and he/she (this doctor is also an alleged tranny) attempts to seal your wound with glue, call the Better Business Bureauimmediately. That ain't ordinary, bruh.

Public Service Announcement: Ladies, seriously: Don't fill your a** with glue, oatmeal, liquid detergent or anything else in an attempt to get that phat onion. If you lackin' back there, check out this video for tips on how to score a fuller, plumper backside. Thank me later.

With that said, let's take a look at some epic wins & fails in the world rump rehab:

The Good: Coco


Thou shall not covet thy MC's wife. I think that's how it goes. Buuuuuuut ... Ice T doesn't seem to mind. So with that said, Coco got that crack. Literally. Yeah, it's kind of porn star-ish, but hey, if she likes it, I love it.

The Bad: Pebblez


My n*gga. That sh*t ain't ordinary. Whatever doctor did this should be sued for medical malpractice, real sh*t. Is that what's hot now -- you can just walk into a plastic surgeon's office and pay to be turned into an X-Men? Way too big for reality, bottom line.

The Unsolved Mysteries: Nicki Minaj


The debate over whether Nicki had an a** implants will live forever. I mean my mind is tellin' me "duh" but my mind is on some Mario Winnans "I Don't Wanna Know" sh*t.  I've seen pics of a young Nick (no pedo -- she was of age) and yeah, the booty weren't as juicy as they are now, but sh*t, women fill out as they get older, ya know? Either way, both have their a**es to thank for playing a major role in the advancement of their career: Nicki as a rapper and Kim as a ... wait. Gimme a sec.

While you ponder on that, check out one of the hottest booties in Hip Hop, as Bria Myles makes a very special guest appearance alongside Nas and Common in "Ghetto Dreams":

These are just a few celeb bottom who have (allegedly) went under the knife. SOHH Watcha Think -- is this a movement started by the Hip Hop community? Or was it only a matter of time before the whole world bowed down to the power of the booty?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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