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The Score: Big Pooh, "Dirty Pretty Things"

Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011 3:15PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Dirty Pretty Things
  • Rapper Big Pooh
  • November 1, 2011
Soul Culture 4/5
Rap Reviews 8/10
XXL 4/5
After years of waiting, fans are finally able to get their hands on Rapper Big Pooh's latest album, Dirty Pretty Things.

The former Little Brother MC's solo disc makes its way into stores today, and was released through his label, For Members Only.

Former Little Brother member Rapper Big Pooh is releasing his second official solo album entitled Dirty Pretty Things on his own For Members Only label on November 1st. You can expect to hear a level of honesty and self-reflection never heard from Pooh before, coupled with proof that he means business when it comes to his lyricism. Pooh's "raise the bar" mentality is only natural; the stakes are higher when one ventures out as a solo artist, right? (Hip Hop World)

To help keep things dirty, Pooh brought along pals Joe Scudda, Torae and a slew of underground spitters for the project.

Teaming up with some friends like Torae, Joe Scudda, Darien Brockington, Nottz and DJ Khalil, Pooh brings along just enough guests to keep things fresh but still maintain a feeling of ownership throughout the project.(XXL)

The album's production varies from track-to-track and Pooh enlists beatsmiths such as Nottz and DJ Khalil to cover the boards.

The album sampler starts off with Big Pooh's most recent single, "They Say," which was recently released and features singer Choklate. Next comes the ominously melodic, Nottz-produced and Torae-featuring "Are You Ready," followed by Pooh's tribute to women, "Around The World (Ladies Love)" featuring Novel. "Real Love," which deals with Pooh's relationship with his brother and features vocals and production by Focus..., is also featured before the sampler fades out on the track "Free" featuring BlackSoul. "I decided to put out a sampler to give the people a little taste of the improved me," says Big Pooh, "If singles are the hors d'oeuvres, then let the sampler serve as an appetizer before the full meal."(Nu Soul Mag)

Earlier this year, the NC MC explained that although he is proud of his earlier work, there is in fact, life after Little Brother.

"I want the Little Brother legacy to be one of consistency," Pooh said in an interview. "I would like to be remembered as the group that always put out great music no matter the situation. I plan on building my solo brand through music and other ventures, with a solo album coming this fall entitled Dirty Pretty Things. The most important thing I have probably learned is you have to keep working at your craft. Saying you're the best is one thing, but being the best takes a lot of hard work." (The Boom Box)

Critics say Pooh's latest release not only exemplifies him becoming a better rounded MC, but has managed to convince listeners that he has what it takes to be a stand alone artist.

Rapper Big Pooh's first official solo outing is a testament to the hard work which the emcee has had to put in to retain the respect given to him as part of the magnificent trio Little Brother. An artist constantly self-examining (even as part of the group), Big Pooh channels an underdog-come-good spirit on Dirty Pretty Things, daring to express full feelings as well as being grateful for the life he's been blessed with. Although he somewhat clings to the formula which the group found success with (crisp, soul sampled beats, reflective verses), this highlights his own strengths. Big Pooh may not have fully shed himself of the tag of 'former LB member' but instead has reminded the masses of the unreserved, unpolished quality which he brought that made the group the people's favourites.(Soul Culture)
Rapper Big Pooh sees himself as a man on a mission, where it's more important for him to show kids that even as a college dropout you can still be an Educated Rapper like UTFO. He could probably prove it without having to specifically state it, but the honesty of his raps is an intangible quality that made Little Brother such an influential and important hip-hop group in the first place. Big Pooh spends "Dirty Pretty Things" telling you about the ups and downs not only in his life but in the lives of the people he knows, never making himself or the hip-hop music business seem overly glamorous. On the other hand he seems to be eating pretty well off it, again by his own admission, so it seems that talent and ambitious are indeed well rewarded in some cases. The movie and the band that share the same name as his album may be more famous right now, but that shouldn't remain the case long term.(Rap Reviews)

To purchase Dirty Pretty Things click here.

Preview the album below:


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