"Betty Wright: The Movie": "I Don't Let The Industry Tell Me What To Do"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Betty Wright: The Movie": "I Don't Let The Industry Tell Me What To Do"

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011 3:30PM

Written by SOHH for Betty Wright

[With the new release of her Betty Wright: The Movie album finally in stores, the legendary R&B singer Betty Wright gives you her Top 5 reasons to buy her Questlove-produced new LP.]

1. Dr. Clean Up Woman

I think that people should go out and buy my record because they can fire their pyschiatrists and get real common sense suggestions on what they can do with their lives. I couldn't specify on any one record because there's so much knowledge when you listen to any one of my albums. There's always a lot of knowledge, reason and wisdom in them. I've done a lot of living and this is my 46th year in the business so I don't know if I could just pinpoint a song. There's songs about people who don't value the honor of marriage and the first line sums it up. Every song has merit and it each person can be affected differently by the music

2. Good Times

Secondly, it's a really good record. It's stimulating, it's inspiring, it's fun and because I've been doing this for so long, it honors me to be able to do what I do at this age and maybe even help you do what you do for a long time too. It's about longevity.

3. Numbers Don't Lie

It's really a good bargin too because most people don't really have 14 songs on an album. I don't go into albums thinking about how many songs I'm going to do. If I feel I need to do one song and I need to sing it for an hour, then that's what I'll do. I don't let the industry tell me what to do because I was here before the industry, gracefully. We knew we wanted this to be a Betty Wright album.

4. Go!

It pays money for the art. It keeps me going and it helps to keep other artists going. This pays the light bills, the toilet paper bills and anything else because this is for everybody. I started putting songs together about two and a half years ago. Then I stopped and began working with Joss Stone, Angie [Stone], Lil Wayne and Tom Jones. I was doing these songs for about five years because I would write a little bit and then stop. So it really began to evolve. I am constantly creating music. I wanted to be multi-dimensional. I wanted to make it big. That's what the whole movie angle is about.

5. Coming Soon

The final reason why you should go out and get this album is because the hotter it gets, I'll probably come out to your city and perform. The more popular the record gets, the more apt we are to go out and perform.

You Decide. Will you purchase Betty Wright: The Movie?

To preview/purchase the album, just click here.


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