"A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" Tix: "You're Going To See Me In Red Lingerie"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" Tix: "You're Going To See Me In Red Lingerie"

Friday, Nov 4, 2011 3:00PM

Written by SOHH for Paula Garces

[With the new A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas finally in theaters nationwide today, actress Paula Garces gives you her Top 5 reasons to get some buddies together and get your tickets now.]

1. Laugh Out Loud

The first reason you should go see A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is to laugh. I love that it's A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas because around the holidays, people seem to get very depressed, down and get caught up in having to buy gifts and spending money. So they're really stressed out and there's nothing like a good laugh to let off some steam and stress. There's never a bad reason to laugh.

2. Pretty Girl Rock

The second reason is because you're going to see me in red lingerie. I wasn't shocked and I'm never shocked when [the Harold & Kumar team] asks me to do anything or hear anything that I have to do that relates to Harold & Kumar [films]. These movies are basically no holds barred humor. Anything and everything that we can do for a laugh, we will do and we have no shame about it. The only thing is I really had to step up my game for this movie. I'm a Latina who loves to eat, [and] before we did the movie, I got the head's up that they wanted me to do some sexy stuff. So, I stepped up my game and did my fans some justice. The reason I'm making this number two is because I worked really hard to get my body in shape to keep it pumping and moving and so hopefully the fans enjoy that. I had to [quit eating] some of my favorite  goodies just for this movie.

3. Machete Becomes My Papi

The third reason is because Danny Trejos is in it. O-M-G. Danny Trejos, seriously, what can I say about this dude? This dude is literally always playing crazy, criminal and scary, scary, scary movie roles. So I met him and he's the complete opposite. He's a sweetheart and he's very open, honest and very funny. I'm glad this movie gives a very special Latino, Danny Trejos, the chance to showcase how sweet and how funny he can be. He still holds it down, so don't get me wrong. He's definitely a dad to be reckoned with in the movie.

4. Dear John

John Cho is a big reason too. Danny is the reason why I made John Cho my fourth reason. John Cho, oh my god. What can I say about that boy? He holds it down not only with the comedy but he's straight up lovable, funny, smart and I really wish him all the best because he was really, really funny. He tried his d*mnest and hardest to speak Spanish; I love him for that. He's always down for whatever so people can laugh and enjoy themselves even if it's at the stake of his own ego or at his own risk. He doesn't care. He doesn't care if people are laughing at him or with him. Most of the time we're laughing at him but that's OK because he's John Cho. Right? He's awesome.

5. NPH At 100 MPH

The last reason is because you have Kal Penn and Neil Patrick Harris, NPH, in it. Neil Patrick Harris has an amazing history with the Harold & Kumar series. I feel like the 2004 White Castle movie really brought him back. I think NPH was lost [in the Hollywood spotlight] and the writers and creators of Harold & Kumar said, "Nobody is really thinking about NPH right now, nobody cares, he's willing to do anything and everything to get a laugh." And he was down. He was down for some strippers to get anyone to notice him and laugh. I love it. I love the fact that he took a risk and it really literally brought him back and it brought him back in a really big way. He's very talented and very funny. Because of the movies, I think he got a great TV show, other movies and offers. I think he was also able to be comfortable in his own skin. Ladies love him, guys love him. Even Smurfs love NPH. He's awesome.

You Decide. Will you check out A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas this weekend?

To find a local theater and purchase tickets, just click here.

You can also catch Paula Garces on Twitter.

Check out A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas trailer below:


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