SOHH Whatcha Think: What Was The Sickest Apple/Steve Jobs Rap Line? 5 Top Spitters Salute The Late CEO [Click Here & Speak]

Thursday, Oct 6, 2011 12:00AM

Written by J. Bachelor

The digital and entertainment world was shocked to learn of the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Although Jobs never so much as spit a freestyle, his name and products he helped create can be found all throughout the world of Hip Hop.

We took to Twitter and asked our followers: What is your favorite Steve Jobs/Apple rap line?

Jigga looks back at his early days as a hustler

Submitted by @sohhdotcom

"Before Steve Jobs, made the iPod/ I was gettin' head jobs/ we call that intimate." - Jay-Z (The Prelude, Kingdom Come)

By now, we all know Sean Carter's pre-rap story: A poor ghetto kid stumbles into a life of crime then finds salvation through music. But in the Kingdom Come track "The Prelude" Jigga shows his age by pointing out that he was getting head way before phones came with headsets.

Common reminds n*ggas that he still got game

"A conscious n*gga with mac like Steven Jobs." - Common (Southside, Finding Forever)

Submitted by @ImLukeFlytalker

Chi-town's Nas wants one thing to be clear: Although he's a little Hollywood now, and yeah, some of his songs are downright sentimental, he's still a B-Boy at heart. A B-Boy that'll snatch your girl if the opportunity strikes. Is that yo chick?

Rick Ross movin' weight via iPhone

Submitted by @sohhdotcom

"I'm smoking d***, I'm on my cellphone/ I'm selling d*** straight off the iPhone/ He wanna quote, he talkin' 9 zones." - Rick Ross (9 Piece)

You don't have to be a part of Marlo's fictional crew from The Wire to know that this is a bad idea, as conducting large-scale drug deals on a contract phone will surely land you behind bars. Still though, Rozay's catchy track "9 Piece" gives a very special shotout to the world's most popular cellphone. Be careful though, Ricky.

Fabolous takes a little time to get his romantic thug on

Submitted by @TheRealRoeLuv

"Her body nice,fame dime- Give u that iPhone 4,FaceTime" - Fabolous (You Be Killin' Em, There is No Competition 2)

Fab snatched up [insert job title here] Amber Rose for the video for this track. And yes, she was killin' em throughout the entire vid. Loso also gave shine to the iPhone 4's coolest feature: The ability to face chat, or see, the person with whom your speaking with. Ayo Amber: Just make sure when you're speaking to Fab that Wiz doesn't pop up in the background. Yikes.

G.O.O.D Music anoints their music as "Heavenly"

Submitted by @Ioganatlarge

"If God had an iPod I'd be on his playlist." - Cyhi the Prynce (So Appalled, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)

Cyhi took it the ultimate high with this line, which asserts that his skills are so nice that even the man above would cop his music off iTunes. With an ego like that, it's no wonder he and Kanye West get along so well.

SOHH Watcha Think -- What is your favorite Steve Jobs/Apple rap line?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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