"They Came Out W/ Songs That Were About Having Fun & Not Taking Things Seriously"

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Underrated: "They Came Out W/ Songs That Were About Having Fun & Not Taking Things Seriously"

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Misty Beck

[2Pacalypse Now: With 2Pac making headlines as of late, this week SOHH features two entertainment personalities recognizing a Shakur-related group they feel is most underrated. After Murs gave Juvenile the title last week, late author Iceberg Slim's daughter Misty Beck now crowns Digital Underground SOHH Underrated.]

Digital Underground (SOHH Underrated)

There's a lot of artists that come to my mind who you could call SOHH Underrated. I think the ones that really stand out though for me have to be Digital Underground. They were one of my favorite groups from back then and didn't get a lot of attention.

I cannot remember all of their names but it was the main guy that I really liked. I used to know his actual name, he was the lead singer in the group. It's the guy who sang "Humpty Hump." I think his name is Shock G [a.k.a. Humpty Hump]. He was my favorite from Digital Underground.

I used to really like their beats and how they sounded on records. They made that happy-go, dance music. I liked the vibe that they always had with their music too. I used to have fun with their songs when I was younger. They came out with songs that were about having fun and not taking things seriously. It was that kind of [90's era] stuff that I enjoyed.

Back then [in the 1990's],  I really liked to dance, that's what we were doing back then and Digital Underground made songs that you could vibe and get down with. They made a lot of songs back then but my favorite Digital Underground record was always "Do The Humpty Hump".

I know everyone says that's their favorite song but it was for me. So Digital Underground is my pick for SOHH Underrated.

Misty Beck is the daughter of renowned author Robert Beck, better known as Iceberg Slim. He sold more than six million books before he died in 1992. At one time he was said to be the best-selling African American novelist ever. Before he became a writer Beck was a "manager" of prostitutes, or a pimp, for nearly 30 years. When his first book, Pimp: The Story of My Life, came out in 1967, it held nothing back. Beck became an underground cult figure. He would influence numerous writers, rappers, filmmakers, and criminals over the years.

Check out Digital Underground's music below:


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