5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Master of Ceremonies": "The Whole Album Is Heat And A Genuine Problem"

Friday, Oct 14, 2011 3:25PM

Written by SOHH for Styles P.

[With his new "Master of Ceremonies" album now available, Styles P. chopped it up with SOHH and provided 5 solid reasons to cop his latest body of work.]

1. A Raw Beginning

I could make it short, but I'm not. 5 good reasons to get Master of Ceremonies is songs 1-5. That could knock that all out right there. This is a true hip-hop album: It's a body of work. I made an album title, and kept it along the lines of what the album was. When you pick up the album, look at the title and artwork ... it's all a complete package, you can feel the whole body of work from songs 1 to 12. Or if you get the Best Buy version, songs 1 to 15.

2. True To The Game

I try to keep my own style so that it's unique and so that you can't say that you heard it anywhere else. I aint just make two singles and throw a bunch of songs together. This album is artistically put together. I put my soul into it.

3. MC Squared

It's coming from an authentic Hip-hop artist. A true MC is a master of ceremonies: You're there to hold the crowd's attention. You're hosting for the night. As an MC, my job is to say something that'll get your attention. I put slick words together that have meaning [to] make you think.

4. Ambitions Of A Rider

There's not too many albums you can pop in and let ride the whole way throughout. This is what I feel East Coast rap should sound like. Authentic rappers going off on a toxic beat. Music that those who may have a similar story can relate to. The whole album is heat and a genuine problem. The album has that 90's era style with a touch of that new millennium feel.

5. Master Plan

The album is f*ckin incredible. I go with what flows together and what sounds good to me as a package. For this particular album, I just tried to make sure that on certain joints, the feelings are matched up. When picking guest artists, I listen to the track and try to think outside the box. I try to think as if I wasn't on the song, about who would sound hot on [on the beat], artists that I actually respect and want to work with. I put all that together and come up with an answer.

You Decide. Will you purchase Master of Ceremonies?

To preview/buy the new LP, just click here.

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