5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: 'Soulja Boy: The Movie': "You're Going To See The Ice-T Beef, The Home Invasion & The Embezzlement"

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 12:32PM

Written by SOHH for Peter Spirer

[With the new release of Soulja Boy Tell's Soulja Boy: The Movie in stores this week, director Peter Spirer gives you his Top 5 reasons to buy the Atlanta star's life story.]

1. Pretty Boy Swag

I would say the first reason is because we have intimate footage of an iconic millionaire at work. We see all sides of his career. We follow him basically from rags to riches. We show all of the obstacles he had to overcome. His career is like one of the first careers you got to see in real time. From the moment this guy started posting things on YouTube, you have seen his success as he has created it. He is an architect of his own success. I think that's something a lot of people don't give him enough credit for.

2. Crank That Cameraman

I think if you're a fan of the music, we have multi-cameras, surround sound performances from a number of different shows. So you get that whole side of it. [We had various people shooting the concert footage]. But with the technology change, it's given a lot of people access to equipment that's not as expensive as it was ten years ago. We got some people that are emerging in the game to shoot with us. If you've seen my work, it's pretty grimey and gritty. I didn't want this thing to come off as a completely polished film. I wanted you to feel like you were in the concert with the people. One of the cameramen was me and I was in the crowd shooting from the crowd's point of view in Webster Hall, New York. It was crazy. I also have to give props to Soulja Boy's camera guy, Flex. We used a lot of his material and he captured a lot of fantastic stuff. A lot of the material is archival and we shot a lot of stuff too.

3. Yahhh Trick Yahhhhh

We also have exclusive behind-the-scenes tour footage of Soulja Boyon the road over the past five years. A lot of that stuff is really priceless. You're going to see stuff with Snoop Dogg and a number of celebrities that he runs into. You get to see what tour life really is. You'll see his grind on a level that I've never seen before quite like this.

4. Snap & Roll

I'll tell you another thing about this film. When we made the first cut, I was expecting Soulja Boy having so many reservations and him saying, "You can't have this in there. You can't have that in there." This isn't a valentine to Soulja Boy. I can tell you that straight up. This is a very honest film. It deals with some of the adversary and some of the obstacles. I think it's a very honest film. [Soulja Boy's team] was involved with the making of the picture but they did not have editorial control and I think for that reason, the film is as good as it is.

5. Let Me Get Em

All of the dirt is exposed on here involving the various controversies in his career. You're going to see the Ice-T beef, the home invasion and the embezzlement from his former personal assistant, Q. That whole thing is completely covered and you got to see the different sides of each issue too. We tried to have as much balance as we could and I tried to include those voices when practical in the story.

You Decide. Will you purchase Soulja Boy: The Movie?

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