Guest Star: "Some People Get In This Business & They Start Thinking They're Bigger Than The Game"

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011 10:00PM

Written by SOHH for Russ Parr

[In light of Nick Cannon dissing fellow morning show radio host Charlamagne Tha God this week, renowned on-air personality Russ Parr speaks on the success of his "Russ Parr In The Morning" 15 year-run.]

I've been lucky to work with people that appreciated my talents. But I think the key [to morning show success] is discipline and not believing the hype. I'm not sure what happens in New York but some people get in this business and they start thinking they're bigger than the game.

And then the egos take over. I've seen egos just kill careers. That's one of my rules in radio; I don't want to hear about you having an ego in the street, I don't want you exercising your ego. We all have it but don't use it to make decisions and pull it out to embarrass people. We don't do that.

I think part of the key is that I don't take myself that seriously. I'm not selfish either. I don't mind writing a joke for somebody. If it makes them funny then it makes us funny. I think what the problem is so many people start clashing over notoriety and power. I don't need that. I don't need to do that.

I think that's helped me over the course of my career. I think it's helped me become a good writer in radio. It helped me become a good script writer because I write every day. I'm spontaneous and I like to take real life situations that may have happened ten minutes ago and turn it into something humorous.

I think what I've noticed with New York radio is, "OK, I just got to be shocking. We gotta be [disc jockey] Howard Stern. We gotta do something that's going to make people go 'Ohhh.'" I don't think that's necessarily entertaining.

It's like with my movie 35 & Ticking, we're not using any profanity but maybe "b*tch" and "a**" but I pride myself in not putting profanity in my movies. I don't need someone to say "motherf*cker" for them to appear like a hardcore actor.

Currently, Parr is the host of the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show heard weekdays by more than 3.2 million listeners in 45 U.S. cities. He also hosts a weekend show, On Air with Russ Parr, which can be heard on more than 40 different radio stations. Aside from his radio gigs, Parr is also the co-host of the TV One dating show Get The Hook Up. He has also directed films including The Last Stand, Love for Sale, Something Like a Business, 35 & Ticking.

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