"Sean Price Really Respected Me For Wanting To Battle Everybody On Tour"

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Singled Out: "Sean Price Really Respected Me For Wanting To Battle Everybody On Tour"

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011 10:05AM

Written by SOHH for Termanology

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Khrysis detailed the nitty gritty behind Phonte's "Everything Is Falling Down", Boston's Termanology speaks on taking Sean Price to "Another Level".]

There's so many records that I do. People who follow me know that I drop so many songs all the time. It's crazy. There's records everywhere [that I've put out]. But a record I'm pretty passionate about is called "Another Level" and it features Sean Price and my artist Ghetto.

It's a song that I did [a while back] and we recently shot the music video for it. People can go out and support the single on iTunes and check for the video right now. "Another Level" is a record where you're going to hear me and Sean Price beastin'. And I have my man Ghetto on the hook.

Me and Sean are mad cool. I went on tour with him back in 2004 and I used to battle cats all the time [at shows]. So we were on tour, going out to Washington, D.C. [and] Virginia, and I would just be battling anybody that wanted to battle.

Sean Price really respected me for wanting to battle everybody on tour. So we go way back from those days. And then we would meet up overseas in Germany, little places like that, we ended up having a mutual respect for each other as far as just two raw emcees.

It's crazy because the record just happened. He wasn't even specifically meant to be on "Another Level." I didn't really know who I was going to put on it. At one point, it was just my verse and I liked it but then I said, "This is good, but we gotta get somebody who goes hard." So Sean ended up coming through for his verse and then we got Ghetto on the hook.

Massachusetts-born rapper Termanology quickly rose from underground obscurity to working with some of hip-hop's elite producers, particularly DJ Premier. Growing up in the streets of the predominantly Latino city of Lawrence, MA, informed the half-white, half-Puerto Rican MC's lyrics as he graduated from silly freestyles at age nine to full-fledged verses at the age of 15. He constantly had to travel back and forth from Boston to New York in order to pursue various opportunities, releasing his first material on vinyl in 2001. Closely tied to fellow Lawrence native and mixtape DJ Statik Selektah, Termanology earned the respect of Boston's hip-hop scene with several 12" releases as well as his Hood Politics mixtapes, which gradually came to feature more highly regarded lyricists like Royce da 5'9 and Guru.

Check out "Another Level" below:


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