5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Scars & Stripes": "Y'all Get To Hear Me Rap On This Album!"

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011 3:05PM

Written by SOHH for The Away Team

[With their new Scars and Stripes album now available, the North Carolina-based rap group provide you their Top 5 reasons to cop their latest offering.]

1. Boom Bap, Original Rap

For the lovers of boom-bap rap, I say this is the album for you. People feel like [becoming part of] Duck Down Records is such a perfect fit for us and the kind of music we make. We put a lot of time, hard work and effort into this sh*t. So for those who love that mid-90's style of era of hip-hop with a new twist, this is what you want in your life. Period. -Sean Boog

2. Rock Solid

It's a well-rounded record. The whole album is a work of art and a chance to view life through our eyes. Being that Sean Boog is the voice of the group, he's the most vocal, but he does speak for both of us. -Khrysis

3. The Producer Gets Some

Y'all get to hear me rap on this album! I did all the production but I also got like three verses on here. So for all the people interested in hearing me rap that haven't heard tracks like "Make it Big", this is the place to get that. -Khrysis

4. Three Time's A Charm

It's great Hip-hop, It's great Hip-hop, It's great hip-hop. -Khrysis

5. Up, Up, and Away

You might learn something by listening to it, and you'll definitely learn more about The Away Team by checking it out. I feel like this is the album we've been trying to make throughout the years. -Sean Boog

You Decide. Will you purchase Nappy Roots Dot Org?

To preview/buy the new LP, just click here.

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