5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Raindance": "You Don't Need That 5 Hour Energy Drink, Put That Sh*t Down"

Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011 3:35PM

Written by SOHH for Six Reasons

[With the new release of his "Raindance" single featuring Too $hort currently available, rapper Six Reasons gives you his Top 5 reasons to buy his club anthem.]

1. The Hot Spot

The first reason you should buy this is because it's a hot song. The hook derived from a verse I wrote years ago. It was a hot line I said in one of my songs. It was a line that came from one of my songs and I was like, "Whoa. Hold up. That's a hot a** line right there." If it's a hot line, then nine times out of ten it'll be a hot song. So then we went ahead and worked on getting a sound around that phrase. We hooked it up and boom. There it is.

2. It's A Party, It's A Party

Reason number to is because this is for everybody. I'm into believing that you have to make something for everybody. I believe in balance. I know it's a club record so the beat is going to make you dance but I also wanted to add some substance [to the song] and just bring that kind of fire for the people that get turned up over words. Some people get turned up over words and some people get turned up over the beat. So I had to do both so everyone could enjoy the song.

3. Start It Up

I want people to get this album because you can play it anywhere. I was just at a club the other day and it came on and caught me by surprise. I was like, "Ah sh*t!" I'm just watching the people react to it because this was my first time being at a club and seeing people get into it. This part of the world is a little slow in getting up on new music. So this was my first time seeing it from my own eyes and it was a wonderful feeling. This is a song you can bring to the gym while you're cycling or lifting weights. The song gets you turned up. You don't need that 5 hour energy drink, put that sh*t down. This will get you through a gym shift, a court date, a wedding, whatever!

4. From New School To Old School Pimpology

The fourth reason is because Too $hort is on it. What you gotta realize, and what a lot of newer artists don't get, is that you have to build a foundation out here. I met Too $hort maybe ten or eleven years ago. I grew up idolizing that man. Although I wanted to collaborate with him, it didn't make sense [at the time]. I wasn't at the point in my career where it would make sense. So I remained adjacent to Too $hort. I just kept him within range so once my career began really growing and it made sense, I too could do a hot song with him. But it had to make sense.

5. I Told You So

The last reason is because I told you it was a hot song to begin with. What more reasons do you need?

You Decide. Will you purchase the "Raindance" single?

To preview/purchase the track, just click here.

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