"For Immediate Release": "I Have A Story About DMX & Representing Lil Kim"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "For Immediate Release": "I Have A Story About DMX & Representing Lil Kim"

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Ronn Torossian

[With the recent release of For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations, 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian, whose clients have included Nick Cannon, Lil Kim, DJ Khaled, DMX and many others, gives you his Top 5 reasons to add this to your book collection.]

For Immediate Release

1. Public Service Announcement

The number one reason you should buy my book is because [you'll learn that] everybody today is in Public Relations. Everybody's brand stands for something. So whether it's about what you're putting on Facebook and what you're Tweeting, what you're wearing or any type of behavior reflects on who you are today. Anyone can pick this book up and relate to it. Even if you're a janitor and a goal is to understand how to be the best janitor, a little thing like showing up two minutes early to work means you're working two minutes longer than everyone else. PR is relevant to anybody. Anybody today commenting on a news story is participating in PR. Anybody today with a Facebook [and] Twitter [account] is relevant and part of the discussion. That all reflects on them.

2. Media Take Out

Everybody today and everything today is a media. So if you're with your friends and posting stupid pictures on Facebook, well that's going to show up to your employer very quickly. Anything that you do will reflect in the media. Media is everywhere. So if you work for Coke and you drink a Pepsi somewhere, know that [the action] could get you fired. I can't tell you how often, as an employer, people will send me an e-mail from "[email protected]". They're not thinking about those things when they're applying for a job. That's not appropriate. People can talk about privacy on Facebook and Twitter all they want but if they're going out and getting high and then posting [about it] on Facebook and Twitter, you have a right to do it, but your employer's seeing that. So if you're partying up in Las Vegas and somebody sees that, it reflects on you.

3. Reality Talk

[The book will help you realize that] understanding what PR is means understanding what you're good at. Every business in the world doesn't need 51 percent. President Barack Obama needs 51 percent. If you're running for political office, you need 51 percent. There are a lot of very successful businesses that don't need a majority. So sometimes you're not able to get everybody and it's OK to not be all things to all people. Some businesses and some people try to be all things to all people. Understanding PR means understanding who you are, where you want to go and what lane you want to be in.

4. Represent

Pop culture is very relevant to my book. So whether it's inside stories about Louis Vuitton or Lil Kim, pop culture and product placement are covered. Understanding the language of hip-hop and the mainstream are included in the topics my book discusses. Through the years, we've represented everyone from Snoop Dogg to Ice Cube to The Martin Luther King, Jr. Foundation, to a slew of others. I have a story in the book about DMX, and representing Lil Kim. We're very versed in pop culture and what that world looks like. Both from things we've done, people we've represented and people we know.

5. Who I Am

The fifth reason is this is the only book written by a Top 25 PR firm owner. Support this Bronx-made New York entrepreneur. I'm Brooklyn-born, raised in The Bronx. I'm a self-made entrepreneur that's living the dream and I need your support to keep going and keep growing. This is an Amazon PR Best Selling book and I'm 37 and just getting started with my career.

You Decide. Will you purchase For Immediate Release?

To preview/buy the new book, just click here.


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