Underrated: "Because Of [The] Affiliation W/2Pac, [They've] Definitely Been Slept On"

Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for E.D.I. Mean

[2Pacalypse Now: With 2Pac making headlines as of late, this week SOHH features two entertainment personalities recognizing a Shakur-related group they feel is most underrated. After late author Iceberg Slim's daughter Misty Beck gave Digital Underground the crown earlier this week, Pac protege E.D.I. Mean names The Outlawz SOHH Underrated.]

The Outlawz (SOHH Underrated)

I gotta say The Outlawz is my pick for SOHH Underrated. It's no disrespect to anybody but it's because I feel like because of our affiliation with 2Pac, we've definitely been slept on.

People expect us to be Pac and fill those shoes. But nobody in the history of rap has been able to fill those shoes so why should we be expected to? As far as bar for bar, lyric for lyric, song for song, The Outlawz as a group can be called SOHH Underrated.

I'm naming us [from the perspective of] someone from the outside looking in but I definitely have respect though [for everybody else]. With us, it's definitely the longevity, it's definitely the grind, but more so than ever, we just keep it 1,000. We're not up here trying to be anybody else than what we are. We never claimed to be anything other than who we are.

The good, the bad, the ugly. All that sh*t. We put it in our music. Over time, we built out own following of people that appreciate our music for what it is and appreciate us.

We keep it 1,000 and we don't tout ourselves to be anybody else other than The Outlawz and we put that in the music. So I think that's why people have continued to stick with us and we actually have built a new generation of new fans.

West Coast rappers Outlawz are known primarily for their affiliation with 2Pac. It was on 2Pac's Makaveli album that Outlawz first came to the greater rap community's notice, appearing on a few songs. In 1999 they were co-billed on the posthumous 2Pac album Still I Rise, granting them even more recognition and furthering their short-lived affiliation.

Check out The Outlawz music below:

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