5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: NHL 12: "For The First Time You Can Fight W/ The Goalies"

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011 3:20PM

Written by SOHH for Sean Ramjagsingh

[With the professional hockey season in full gear and NHL 12 now on store shelves, EA Sports designer Sean Ramjagsingh gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop this latest video game edition.]

1. Legendary Status

By far the number one reason why you should purchase NHL 12 is because the legends are back. For the first time in the history of our franchise, we have nine NHL legends in the game. So you can finally answer that age old question that only we can replicate about how these great legends of the past would fare in the NHL today. With the legends that we chose, we have some current NHL players that can now face off against their bosses such as [Tampa Bay Lightning's] Steven Stamkos and [his general manager] Steve Yzerman. As you unlock each legend, you can actually play through their career.

2. Now That's What I Call Classic

The number two reason that really stands out is [because of] the Winter Classic. It's one of the most requested features by our fans. You can play in Heinz Field, you can play in the football arena with all of the elements. You got the snow, the fireworks, coaches with the leather jackets. You have all of the environmental elements in the Winter Classic. It's a second reason why you should pick up NHL 12.

3. Fight Club

The third reason is because our goalies are really live. You're going to see very dynamic goalies [in the video game]. Each year, we try to make the game as authentic as possible. We really try to use the real law of physics to drive everything that happens on the ice. This year you can actually run with the goalies, bump the goalies, knock them over. With the goalies being live, it really changed the way the game looks and feels and plays. Also for the first time you can fight with the goalies. So if you go and hit a star player on the other team, you can expect a top guy to come over and want to fight you. When you get into a fight, we transition from the third person camera view to the first person camera [perspective]. So you're seeing the guy on your screen and throwing punches with your right stick. Fights can last anywhere from five seconds to twenty five seconds depending on how many punches your throw. If you get into a fight with a star power, there is some risk to injury. But you can also drop down and protect your face so there is no risk of injury.

4. David Versus Goliath

When you're playing with a guy that's 6'5" and 260 pounds, it's going to feel completely different than playing with a smaller guy. With our full contact physics, we wanted to make sure those big guys are able to drive those smaller guys out from scoring areas. We're really trying to replicate in NHL how important it is to have big, strong guys on your team. We're really capturing the authenticity of the players and showing size makes a difference there.

5. Bench Players Don't Get Playing Time

My final reason is we introduced Be A Pro mode into our game in NHL 09. We quickly found out that sitting on the bench as a user was not as fun of an experience because people want to play the game. So we sacrificed some authenticity there to allow you to put yourself back on the ice. What we did in NHL 12 is totally revamp the "Be A Pro" mode. The whole concept behind "Be A Pro" mode is -- earn your ice time. We give you tasks and the better you play, the better you do on the ice, the more ice time you earn for yourself. But the cool thing is if you're not a great player and you're only getting a few shifts per game, it's OK because we have three ways for you to experience how you go on the ice. You can watch the action from the bench, you press a button and can see things from another angle, and then there's a "Best In Class" option which enables users to fast forward to your next shift. So if you're only playing two or three shifts, you can get through a game in five minutes.

You Decide. Will you purchase NHL 12?

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