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Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 2:40PM

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  • Nappy Dot Org
  • Nappy Roots
  • October 11, 2011
Hip Hop Dx 4.5/5
XXL 4/5
Slumz Boxden 2.8/5

Those country boys are back. Almost a decade after releasing their platinum-selling debut, Kentucky group Nappy Roots are back with their fifth album, entitled Nappy Dot Org.

With Dot Org, Nappy looks to deliver a fresh batch of Southern flavor to fans of their unique musical stylings.

It's been nearly 10 years since Nappy Roots burst onto the mainstream scene with 2002's Watermelon, Chicken & Grits and the crew is still going strong. They've been getting their independent grind on lately and are ready to jump back into the limelight with their new album Nappy Dot Org.(Captain Crawl)

The tracklist for Nappy Dot Org cites guest appearances with a similar flavor, from crooner Samuel Christian as well as Georgia rapper Khujo Goodie.

01. Legend Lives On (Feat. Big Rube) 4:10 02. Country Boy Return 3:26 03. Easy Money 4:19 04. Hey Love (Feat. Samuel Christian) 4:03 05. Pete Rose (Feat. Khujo Goodie) 4:06 06. Good And Evil 4:57 07. Karma 3:22 08. Yall Party 3:23 09. Give Me A Sign (Feat. Rashan) 3:27 10. Nappy U Here 4:32 11. Congratulations 4:11 (Nappy Dot Org tracklist)

Nappy member Big V saluted southern beat team Organized Noize for producing the entirety of their latest album.

"This is the album of the year. The whole album was produced by Organized Noize. If you're familiar with Organized Noize and what they've done with OutKast and Goodie Mob, [then you know] it's a great album. They produced every track on there and it's just the album of the year. Lyrics. Concepts. Beats. And most of all it's fresh and it's still down to Earth."(SOHH)

A few weeks prior, rapper Fish Scale broke down the concept behind the album's lead single, "Hey Love".

"Hey Love" is our first official single. I just think its the kinda song Nappy Roots has never done [before]. Its kinda geared towards the women, but at the same time its from a man tellin' his story about a relationship that didn't really work. Just like everybody else, we go through [things] with our women ... you know, but for me, I just kinda wanted to [talk about] a man being in a relationship with a good woman, who ain't necessarily good for him.(SOHH)

Critics agree that while Nappy Roots may be far removed from the commercial success they experienced nearly a decade ago, their unique style of deep-fried rap will still resonates with fans of country-bred lyricism.

"We put the South on another level," the Nappy Roots boast right at the beginning of the project. They did, with "Awnaw" and their Grammy-nominated tryst with Anthony Hamilton, "Po' Folks." But since then, the south has moved on, and mined the trap-rap formula to commercial riches. It's a template Nappy Roots has always resisted the urge to switch-up and tap into. Hopefully Nappy Dot Org will reward their virtuous stance.(Hip Hop DX)
Later, recalling Nappy's roots from their debut album, "Give Me A Sign" gives voice to everyday people, far from the typical money-and-bitches lyrics to which today's generation has grown accustomed . With Nappy Dot Org, the crew supplies plenty of impassioned and relatable raps that reaffirm that past talents still connect today.(XXL Magazine)

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