5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Nappy Roots Dot Org": "We're Pretty Much The Pioneers Of Kentucky Hip-Hop"

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 11:35AM

Written by SOHH for Nappy Roots

[With their new Nappy Roots Dot Org album now available, the Kentucky-based rap group provide you their Top 5 reasons to cop their latest offering.]

1. The Best In Show

This is the album of the year. The whole album was produced by Organized Noize. If you're familiar with Organized Noize and what they've done with OutKast and Goodie Mob, [then you know] it's a great album. They produced every track on there and it's just the album of the year. Lyrics. Concepts. Beats. And most of all it's fresh and it's still down to Earth. -Big V

2. Now Everybody Screamin' That...

This is bringing hip-hop back. It's one of those albums that's not microwaved; it's definitely a slow-cooked feel. It's something that you're going to remember wherever you're at. It's one of those albums that I would say is helping bring hip-hop back. For some cats out of Kentucky to say that is a big statement. [Creating this album] wasn't a long process. We just got so much work done in about six months. That's the time we took out to put together this album. We usually take off about a year or two to drop our albums just to make sure everything is right. But this only took us about six months. -B. Stile

3. The Simple Things In Life

One good reason, I'm going to go simple. It's simply good hip-hop. There's great production, great concepts, great lyrics. It's just a great album. If you have any love for hip-hop and if you love that 1990's hip-hop, I think you'll really appreciate Nappy Dot Org. This album might have our most different sound to it being that Organized Noize produced it. But the Kentucky roots is still there. I feel like Nappy Roots is pretty much the pioneers of Kentucky hip-hop. Even the early stages of hip-hop is right there. I feel like any time we get on the mic, you're going to hear our roots and the Kentucky flavor. But this album right here definitely adds a different sound. -Fish Scales

4. Paper Chasers

I would say my reason is so that people can hear the record "Easy Money." It was one of the last few records we did and it's a banger. The whole concept is Nappy Roots and Organized Noize on the same record is a good bet. You should buy this album because it's easy money. If you bet on Nappy then you know you're going to win. I like the way this record feels and the vibe it gives me. -Skinny

5. Back For The First Time

I think it's safe to say this is our best work to date. This is our fifth studio album and ever since our debut, Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz, we've been going up and up and up. This is the cherry on top as far as the Nappy Roots catalogue. This is definitely our best work to date. It was definitely more chemistry. Unlike our previous album, The Pursuit of Nappyness, where we were in different studios in different states, we had to put it together via the Internet. This album, we were together for about six or seven months, off and on, every day. It was reminiscent of our first album and earlier works. -Ron Clutch

You Decide. Will you purchase Nappy Roots Dot Org?

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