News: Lil Cease Refuses To B.I.G. Up 2Pac, Notorious Murder Accusations

Thursday, Oct 6, 2011 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ex-Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Lil Cease has come forward days after a former detective publicly theorized that Diddy and Suge Knight are responsible for the deaths of late music moguls Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur.

Cease thinks new conspiracies are born with every passing year, and different people are accused of responsible for B.I.G.'s death.

"I'm just way past those types of situations," said a slightly bemused Cease. "Every year, every couple of months, something new comes out. It all depends on whoever putting it out what's their intentions. I never even heard of this person who put this book out or heard of him as a cop during any time in that investigation." After saying he didn't believe Combs ordered the shooting as Greg Kading alleges, Cease added, "I've been dealing with that for so many years. Every year, it's just something different. Who knows what to believe?" (RapFix)

Earlier this week, former detective-turned-author Greg Kading promoted his conspiracy theory.

Greg Kading also claims in "Murder Rap" that Combs' west coast rival, Marion "Suge" Knight, ordered New York rapper The Notorious B.I.G. killed in retaliation. No one has been charged in either rapper's murder. Kading claims the LAPD has recorded confessions from people behind the killings. In one of the audio recordings, a Southside Crips member named Duane "Keffe D" Davis says, "[Combs] took me downstairs and he's like, 'Man, I want to get rid of them dudes.'" (My Fox)

Kading reportedly worked on the murder cases but was eventually taken off when things heated up.

LAPD higher-ups pulled Kading off the double investigation right when he was poised to drive it home, he says. Then they shut it down completely. An LAPD spokesman insists in an email that the case is still "active/ongoing" but that no further information is available. If true, this means the LAPD has only in the past couple of months revived the probe. Perhaps luckily for the rappers' families and fans still seeking closure, Kading made copies of nearly every investigative report and taped confession before he left LAPD. His explosive book details the behind-the-scenes failure by LAPD to bring Shakur's and Smalls' killers to justice. (LA Weekly)

Last March, Notorious B.I.G. protege Lil Kim gave her thoughts on both rappers' deaths.

"I will say this though, I will say that I always felt like Biggie and Tupac's deaths were bigger than how they tried to make it out to believe it to be," Kim explained in an interview. "It's bigger than [former Death Row Records owner] Suge Knight being involved. I think it was even over his head. Them two were very powerful guys. They both could have ran for mayor just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and probably [have] won. You know, I think the government was looking at it like, 'We could not have these two hood dudes with this much power running for mayor and something like that and winning.' They would have lost control I think. I think it was way deeper than what people would like it to be." (Lady T Video)

Check out Greg Kading speaking on his new book below:

Greg Kading Discusses His Book About the Murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

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