"It Was One Of The First Verses Lil Wayne Did When He Came Home"

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Singled Out: "It Was One Of The First Verses Lil Wayne Did When He Came Home"

Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011 5:35PM

Written by SOHH for Sef Millz

[SOHH highlights a single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After up-and-coming Houston rapper Marcus Manchild explained why listeners need to "Get Low", producer Sef Millz states it firmly for recognition: "I'm About Cream".]

Alotta times, me and ["Hi Hater" producer] Mista Raja bounce tracks off of each other in the lab, because that's just the best way for us to work together.

It's a good idea to have extra ears [listen to] a beat just to ensure we got a good product. With this track in particular, it was a track that Raja started. He sent it to me and once I heard it, we kinda knew what direction we wanted to go with it.

The beat began with the Rick Ross sample from "MC Hammer". We sampled the first version before Ross' album came out, but it had music in the background. Then when Teflon Don came out, we bought it and put the line where he says, "I'm about cream" in the record, threw in a couple kicks, a couple sounds and Maino did his thing.

With "I'm About Cream" it was something we started ... and it was hot. We was working on Maino's record (we're always working on Maino -- most of the records that I hand out personally are with Maino or involve him somehow) so we played it for him and once we heard Lil Wayne's verse added to it, we wer all pretty excited.

When Wayne came around, it surprised everybody. He had just got out of prison, it was one of the first verses Wayne did when he came home. Even after he recorded his verse, it was another month before I actually heard the record. You know how it is with Lil Wayne, he protects everything to the fullest. So even when the label first sent it to us it had stamps all over it ... so we could kinda hear it, but only barely heard it.

We gotta couple more things coming, Maino's album is one the way. His next single is "That Could Be US" and it's about to be crazy.

Sef Millz is a producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Besides his work with Maino and Lil Wayne, Sef has worked with acts that include Missy Elliott, The Outlawz and Juvenile.

Check out the Maino featuring Lil Wayne in "I'm About Cream" produced by Sef Millz below:


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