Guest Star: "I'm Tired Of Seeing Club Songs That's In the Clubs"

Monday, Oct 24, 2011 10:45PM

Written by SOHH for Six Reasons

[After the recent release of his eye-catching "Raindance" music video, West Coast rapper Six Reasons explains his emphasis on authenticity and why not even bug bites could stop this tropical visual from being made.]

I can never take credit for this video. It was a team effort. I have a team. You can have all of these wonderful ideas and magnificent sh*t you want to do but if you can't execute it, then it means nothing. I'm blessed enough to have a good team and a good production team that can executve these ideas.

When we were going to do the video, they asked me, "Six, what's the main thing you want?" And I said, "Women. Women. Women." It's as simple as that. They kept looking at me and I said, "Keep looking at me and I'm going to say women again." With this song, I wanted women and I didn't want just random dancing. I wanted it chorograph, whatever you need to get. I didn't want it cheesey and cheap. I wanted it clever and classy. Then we all started throwing ideas out there and it was a team effort.

Everybody began putting ideas in a hat and that's why I can't take credit for it. I told them my vision and they took it, made it fresher and then they took that idea and made it even fresher. So then they took all of the ideas and asked me if I liked them. That's why I can't take credit for it. It's up on them to execute it. I'm not a director. I don't location scout. I'm not a set director. It's the team that gets credit for that.

We did not want to take a shortcut to authenticity. That is no green screen. Everything is on location. Those rocks and everything you're seeing is on location. Them shots take some time because you're walking up mountains and those little bugs are biting you and it's worth it. That's a part of being Team Six. We're about authenticity. I knew I wanted women in here to be sexy and I wanted the video to be fun.

I'm tired of seeing club songs that's in the clubs. I didn't want to see this in the club. We began to throw ideas around. This was some of the best ideas we had and we put them all together. I'm really big on executing. You can have a thousand good ideas but if you can't execute them, what good are they?

I wanted men to see this video and be like, "Man, I can't take my eyes off these women," and I wanted women to see the video and say, "Look at her! I want to do that!" Everybody can automatically associate the songs with something fun.

I like to do what I call homework. Writing lyrics is a God given talent. But there's certain things that you still have to learn and you do it through research. I researched different videos and I research music every night around 12:30, 1 AM. I get on the Internet and start seeing who has the most number one hits. It helps because a skill is something you can acquire and talent is something you're born with. But I treat my talent like a skill.

Hailing from malevolent Watts, Six Reasons' music carries the realism of existing in purgatory with the imagination of living in your own world. From eating sugar sandwiches for dinner to escaping in the wondrous sound of Marvin Gaye, Six Reasons bridges the gap between reality and dreams.

Check out Six Reasons & Too Short's "Raindance" music video below:

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