Singled Out: "I'm Gonna Out-Rap You Motherf*ckas"

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 4:35PM

Written by J. Bachelor for The Away Team

[SOHH highlights a single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Producer Nitti Beatz and rapper 2 Chainz explain how comedian Mike Epps got everyone together for their "I Hate Myself" collabo, The Away Team's Khysis and Boog share why they chose Talib Kweli and Rapsody to "Set it Off" with.]

Boog: I been a fan of Kweli since Reflection Eternal, that's in my top 20 albums. Right before we were about to sign to Duck Down, Khrysis was working with Kweli. we're fans of Kweli and he's basically extended fam, so we basically reached out to him, he showed love and gave us the verse.

So Talib actually laid his verse on the track first, and we thought [North Carolina artist] Rapsody would fit [the song] perfectly. I didn't know she was gonna kill it like she did, but it came out nice. It's one of my favorite joints on the album, man.

Khrysis: The beat on this track is really me just doin' what I do, no crazy science behind it: I found a break, chopped it up and when me and Kweli were working together, I sent a couple of beats out to him and this was one he liked.

I shut my brain off when creating beats. I shut it off, and just start working.

Boog: The beauty of "Set it Off" is that it's just some raw hip-hop sh*t. This track is more of an MC being an MC, "I'm gonna out rap you motherf*ckas," type sh*t. It's about having some fun and just goin' in, know what I mean?

Khrysis: My inital reaction to when "Set it Off" was done was, "Wooooooooo!"

It's still a boom-bap record, but it's funky so you can have fun to it. Whether you're into the grimy rap or you're into other styles of hip-hop it [satisfies many ears].

Nobody was slacking on that record.

The Away Team is a hip hop duo consisting of MC Sean Boog and producer Khrysis, both of whom are members of the North Carolina rap collective the Justus League. Their latest album, Scars and Stripes, is available now.

Check out The Away Team featuring Rapsody and Talib Kweli with "Set it Off" below:

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