5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Violence Begets Violence": "We OD'ed With The Dark Sh*t"

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011 4:55PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Jedi Mind Tricks

[With this week's release of Violence Begets Violence, Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah give you their Top 5 reasons to go out and support the rebirth of the artist-meets-deejay movement.]

1. Expect the Unexpected

I think our formula is that we have no formula. Literally we'll be sittin' in the studio and if Jus is rollin' a Dutch, and I got my verse ready, I'll go in while he finishes rollin' up. We been a group so long that neither one of us is worried about a specific formula, because we know however it gets done it's gonna have a natural feel. - Vinnie Paz

2. Dark Knights

We had alotta music for a while, because we took our time with this album. So we've had this for at least a year. We consciously OD'd with the dark sh*t on this, because that's what we wanted to reiterate to the fans and the doubters alike. There's not too much conceptual sh*t on the record, we're just going hard on the beats. - Vinnie Paz

3. Special Delivery

When we're recording, it's like the gestation period. Like a woman being pregnant: You're excited for it to come out. But there's nothing like the birth of a child, so as Jus and I were getting the mixes and picking things apart it's like we've created this sound and hearing everything come together through all the hard work is a beautiful thing. - Vinnie Paz

4. This Life Forever

We still love what we do -- we're like little kids about that sh*t. You know? We still love hearing the rhyme that each other comes with ... so it's like we still appreciate what we have. We're fans like we were 25 years ago as kids hearing the music. - Vinnie Paz

5. There Will Be Blood

I don't know where it comes from, but we got this violent nature. It's embedded in us, and we just kind of spilled it on certain tracks on this album. - Jus Allah

You Decide. Will you buy Violence Begets Violence?

To preview/purchase the album, just click here.

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