"Population Control": "My Fanbase Wants That Raw Hip Hop"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Population Control": "My Fanbase Wants That Raw Hip Hop"

Monday, Oct 24, 2011 5:40PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Statik Selektah

[With this week's release of Population Control, renowned DJ Statik Selektah provides his Top 5 reasons why you should go out and support his latest project.]

1. Raw and Uncut

It's a chance to hear a lotta new talent that you may not have heard yet. My Shade 45 [Sirius XM] radio show's fanbase want that raw hip-hop. So if you appreciate that kind of talent, you definitely wanna check this out to hear some talent you haven't heard yet.

2. Coastal Waves

Everything has its own sound. I'm bringing the whole spectrum: West Coast, East Coast and down South. There's a lotta different sounds on there.

3. Original Gangstas

Besides the new cats, you get [to hear] some O.G.'s that are still at their best like Bun B, Styles P., Talib Kweli ... there's alot of O.G.'s on there.

4. I Got It Made

It's dope hip-hop, man. We're filling that gap. I just sorta went through and picked who I wanted [to feature], there were only two cats on that I wasn't able to get. One being Kendrick Lamar, but we talked and we're gonna do some work together [in the future]. I wanted J. Cole but Cole's been on tour for so long, and you know, he's on Sony and I didn't wanna deal with the clearances and all that.

5. DMX Said It Best...

It's ten bucks, man. Stop being cheap.

You Decide. Will you buy Population Control?

To preview/purchase the album, just click here.


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