"He Really Reminded Me Of Somebody Like 2Pac"

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Guest Star: "He Really Reminded Me Of Somebody Like 2Pac"

Friday, Oct 21, 2011 2:30PM

Written by SOHH for Peter Spirer

[With his latest directorial picture Soulja Boy: The Movie now in stores, director Peter Spirer reflects on Soulja Boy Tell Em's on-screen growth and why 2Pac comparisons are not premature.]

Out of all the films I've done, this is as good as anything I've ever made. I'll say that straight up. I went into making this film a little reluctantly. To be honest, I wasn't a complete fan of his music but I was a complete fan of his hustle.

I thought about how much this guy has created on his own and to really be able to monetize the Internet. He came went a place that was so obscure, Bayville, Mississippi. People can criticize him up and down but at the end of the day, the guy is part of the corporate machine. He wasn't a created character like so many of these artists are.

He was self-generating. He did it himself and whether you like his music or don't like his music, it's on him. He found a sound that people got into. I may be a little too old and the style that I'm into may be a little bit different, but I can really appreciate what he was doing and how hard he worked.

It really reminded me of somebody like 2Pac. He was just in it every moment, just continuing to think of new ways for him to connect with his audience. I think it's fascinating to see his growth. I think it's a fascinating sketch. You see there were things that happened in his life that made him more protective.

By the end of the picture, he's not quite the outgoing kid he was a few years earlier. He still has that charm and exurberance, but it's more in his mind and it's more protective. You see the evolution of him and his character. By the end of the picture, he becomes a man. You see him actually grow in front of you.

Peter Spirer is a renowned hip-hop director behind Soulja Boy Tell Em's new Soulja Boy: The Movie. Along with directing the life story behind Soulja Boy, Spirer is also known for his involvement in the Beef DVD series and titles including Rhyme & Punishment, Thug Angel and more.


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