5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Everybody Dance": "Don't Be Surprised If You Take Some Of These Routines To The Club!"

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011 3:20PM

Written by SOHH for Dave Thach

[With the new release of Everybody Dance getting gamers on their feet, Internatioal Software Development Senior Manager Dave Thach gives you his Top 5 reasons to add this title to your stash.]

1. 40/40 Club

Everybody Dance delivers a track list stacked with 40 high-energy tracks. Players can dance right alongside the authentic music videos for songs from chart-topping artists like Usher, Tiesto, Rihanna, Jay Sean and LMFAO. We've also included some songs from up-and-coming hip hop and R&B artists like DaM Funk and Tinie Tempah as well as some fun throwbacks from artists like Kool And The Gang and Barry White, so there's something for everyone.

2. Perfect Your Technique

Can't quite shuffle along with LMFAO as they party rock? Using our Dance Studio [game feature], you can break down each of the 160 routines in Everybody Dance into bite-sized chunks and practice until you have the moves down pat. All of the routines were crafted by professional dancers who have all choreographed and performed with "A" list artists, so don't be surprised if you take some of these routines to the club with you!

3. Lay Down Your Own Routines

If you think you've got some hot moves or you can do The Dougie like no one else, try your hand at the Dance Creator mode in our Dance Studio. Players can create as many custom dance routines as they like to any of the 40 songs on the disk. You and your friends can then score against the dances that you created in any of the available game modes and finally determine who has the best skills on the dance floor.

4. Party Play on Playa

Our 20-person Party Play mode makes Everybody Dance the heavyweight champion of social/party games. Joining an Everybody Dance party is as easy as picking up the PlayStation Move motion controller, pointing it at the screen, and taking your picture. Players compete in a round robin, 1 vs 1 battle style and the game keeps a leader board for as many rounds as you want to play - there's no limit! If someone steps away to make a phone call or needs to go get a drink, you can easily drop them out of the game at a click of a button, so the party never stops.

5. Build Up Your Dance Cred on Facebook & Twitter

With the PlayStation Eye camera recording your routines, all of your best moves are yours to share with the world. After the party, or after any song in virtually any game mode, you can upload photos and video of your performances to Facebook and Twitter. Show your friends and family (and their friends and family) all the fun you have had and exactly how great your dance skills are.

You Decide. Will you buy Everybody Dance?

To preview/purchase the new game, just click here.

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