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Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011 2:30PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Battlefield 3
  • X-Box 360, Playstation 3
  • October 25, 2011
Gamespy 5/5
Game Informer 9.5/10
IGN 9/10
Joystiq 4.5/5
1UP 9/10

The wave of highly-anticipated video game releases continue to come ashore as the latest in military warfare arrives in stores for fans of the first-person shooter genre.

Battlefield 3 looks to snatch the throne from the popular Call of Duty franchise by delivering its own brand of pulse-pounding action nearly six years after its last release.

Battlefield 3 is an important game for numerous reasons. For starters, it's been six long years since the last true Battlefield game, a long time between sequels by anybody's measure. Then there's the fact that it's shaping up to be the first real contender to challenge Call of Duty's unshakeable grip on the FPS cash pool. But most importantly of all is the fact that it's the only big budget game of the year where the PC has been the lead platform. Cynics might say that BF3 is purely an exercise in developing a new engine for the next generation of consoles, but PC gamers can't deny how wonderful it is to not have to eat the scraps off the console table for once. Has this emphasis on developing for the most powerful platform had a dramatic impact on the final product? Damn right it has - Battlefield 3 feels like a preview of the next generation of gaming, without needing Microsoft or Sony to launch a console to go with it.(Gamespy)

The story in B3 delivers a well known message: War is hell.

The story is actually quite good. The primary character is Sgt. Henry Blackburn - he's being interrogated over the death of his CO on mission. Along the way you'll fill the boots of Lt. Jennifer Hawkins (seriously) as she asserts Air Superiority over the skies of Iran, Sgt. Jonathan Miller - a tank commander - and Dimitri Mayakovsky, a GRU Operative with more than just Russia's interests at heart.(

Visually, the game offers players one of the most realistic war campaigns to date

Characters move naturally, the lighting is beautiful, and explosions are often scary in scope and impact. It sounds like a proper warzone, with the most terrifyingly authentic audio I've heard in a game.(

The battlefield, while intense, occasionally forces players to follow a linear structure rarely seen in modern games.

The campaign jams Battlefield 3's multiplayer into a linear box where freedom of choice gets thrown out a non-destructible window. There are only a few buildings to blow holes in, barely any vehicles to take the wheel of, and quicktime events adorn enemy encounters in almost every level. While you can literally crash a helicopter on an opponent's head while parachuting to safety if you so choose in multiplayer, campaign makes you hit spacebar at just the right moment to avoid getting punched -- they're two different games.(IGN)

Critics agree that B3 may very well be one of the best war games ever made, and while Call of Duty has become the standard for wartime combat, this is a release that is sure to provide hours of gaming fun to any fan of the genre.

Battlefield fans hoping for the most polished entry in the series won't be disappointed by this massive sequel. Multiplayer maintains the high level of quality DICE is known for, and the campaign is the best in franchise history. Outside of the annoying Battlelog and a tacked-on, uninspired co-op mode consisting of six short standalone missions, the only downside to Battlefield 3 is the lack of substantial changes to the multiplayer formula. However, that shouldn't stop longtime fans and newcomers from enjoying one of the best FPS experiences in gaming.(Game Informer)
There's certainly room for improvement, but there's no denying that so many different aspects of the first person shooter experience being dished out here are best-in-class. The multiplayer component alone is more than worth the price of admission and the solo campaign and cooperative offerings thankfully bring more to the table than they detract. With Battlefield 3, DICE have at long last raised the bar of PC gaming above the long-held bottleneck of console-parity, to bring us a game that's finally worth upgrading for and I dare say it carries with it a potential for a renaissance of the PC first person shooter.(

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