"A Rapper's Job Is Not To Make You Think"

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Exclusive: "A Rapper's Job Is Not To Make You Think"

Monday, Oct 17, 2011 12:15AM

Written by J. Bachelor

Yonkers MC Styles P. connected with SOHH in order to answer a few questions from his fans in the world of social networking, allowing them an inside look into the mind of the lyricist/author/entrepreneur. 

Followers of SOHH's Twitter account @sohhdotcom submitted many questions to The Ghost, of which 5 were selected for him to speak on. 

"Ask Ghost if he thinks there's a difference between an MC and a rapper" - Submitted by @twanthegreat.

"An MC is a host for the night -- the person that is controlling the crowd's attention and the activities and festivities of the evening. An MC is there to control the mic. A rapper, I think, it's just your job as a rapper to be like 'rat, hat, cat, gat, stack' ... all of that. An MC puts all that together in a slick way. A rapper's job is not to make you think. A rapper just says what he says.

"Styles, your album is amazing from start to finish, most def top 5 albums of 2011. Ask Styles, when is the next LOX project [going to be released]." - Submitted by @G_Tan.

"We're tryna get the paperwork right for that right now. Hopefully it'll be coming soon: There's paperwork to be straightened. But if it doesn't come soon, we're definitely gonna drop a mixtape by the time it's gettin' warm again."

"How do Styles and Jadakiss write and record their in-and-out flow's?" - Submitted by @rickyekidd.

"We just do it, man. We sit there, we smoke and we play with the words. There's a few different ways we do it, but it comes down to good chemistry, knowing how to play with each other's flows and words and sticking to the same vibe. [Examples of] my two favorite in-and-out flow with 'Kiss are "Dope Money" and "We Gone Make It".

"Does Styles still have a book deal, and do you have any new books in the works?" - Submitted by @JulieCSK.

"I don't have a book deal, I only did my book deal for one book. I definitely have another book in the works right now ... I just don't know who I'mma put it out through yet. I might go back to the same company again and I might not."

"I wanna know who's flow inspires him. Pinero has such a unique flow: Smooth and laid back." - Submitted by @BNF714.

"I would say most of my forefathers: Kool G., Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Chuck D....you know? I think as an MC you have to be a student of those who came before you."

Check out Styles featuring Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross below:

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