News: 50 Cent Jabs Lupe Fiasco W/ New SK Record, "Kick, Push, Get The F*ck Outta Here" [Audio]

Monday, Oct 10, 2011 11:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit general 50 Cent appears focused on keeping the Internet heads happy by releasing more new music via his Street King energy shot series.

On the latest track, "50's My Favorite", the controversial rapper appears to take a shot toward Lupe Fiasco and his 2006 hit single, "Kick, Push".

But on this latest promotional track for his Street King energy shot, you hear a reference to/shot at Lupe Fiasco's 2005 single, "Kick Push." I mean, would 50 really be saying that sh*t now, some six years later? Hmm. "I could fit your house inside my house," Fif raps, "Then your neighbors and your yard/Oh my God/This sh*t ain't about sh*t, so I ain't gonna go hard/Now 'Kick, Push, Kick Push'/Get the f*ck outta here/'Kick, Push'/You are now being hypnotized, close your eyes and say/50's my favorite." ("Prefix Mag")

Fif used his Twitter account to unleash the new track online.

"There goes the track i was telling you about its called 50 MY FAVORITE #SK 11 -- @StreetKing," he tweeted October 10th. (50 Cent's Twitter)

In late September, 50 dropped his "Love, Hate, Love" SK track going at Lil Wayne and Game.

The track starts off slow with a stirring soul vocal sample serving as the backdrop. When the track gets going, 50 sounds sinister after he lyrically launches a salvo in the direction of Young Money captain Lil Wayne. "Acting like a white boy bored, now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard/Ni---, why the f--- ya pants so tight?/You trying to show ni---- your ass, your alternative life" - Ouch, 50! But Wayne wasn't the only rapper to catch a stray from Mr. Jackson as former ally Game catches some pretty tough shots too. "I touched more p---- than maxipads/Now Detox can be your little rap rehab/Bi---, just a second visit from the repo man/And you can't afford your monthlys, I mean God D---." (RapFix)

Following its release, former G-Unit member Game promised to lash back at 50.

"@50cent I'm on tour doin shows but soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I'm killin yo "Planet Of The Apes" face havin ass n*gga #MEunit," he tweeted September 29th. (Game's Twitter)

Check out "50's My Favorite" below:

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