News: 2Pac's Mom Promises To Hit 'Em Up Over Sex Tape, "We Will Not Allow Someone To Put It Out"

Thursday, Oct 6, 2011 9:12AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The current bidding war over a sex tape featuring late rapper Tupac Shakur may have to deal with the wrath of his family as a spokesperson is now issuing a warning of legal action if the footage is sold.

Pac's mother is also vocal in having the tape never come out.

A spokesperson for Pac's estate has confirmed that the family is ready to take legal action against anyone who sells the 5-minute video of the rapper receiving oral sex. "We will sue anyone who tries to sell a Tupac tape," said the rep. Pac's mother Afeni Shakur purportedly called a team of lawyers into action, warning them that, "we will no allow someone to put it [the sex tape] out." The rep revealed that a private investigation is underway to identify the person in possession of the tape. The family currently suspects it maybe one of the many male companions in the video or the female who serviced the rapper. (BET)

While the full tape has not yet surfaced, still shots from it have been released this week.

Rumors of a Tupac Shakur sex tape from 1991 hit the streets earlier this week, which had people shaking their heads since the rapper had been dead for 15 years. For the nonbelievers, TMZ has shown the photo proof of the Tupac sex tape! In the stills from the sex tape, you can clearly make out Tupac while he is having some fun with a female friend. Will you watch the Tupac sex tape if it comes out? (Global Grind)

A few days ago, reports claimed two adult companies were in a bidding war for Pac's clip.

Two porn companies "are serious about acquiring the rights" to the recently unearthed Tupac sex tape, with the first bid -- from a site called YouPorn -- coming in at $150,000. According to TMZ, the person in possession of the footage is willing to hold out for more cash because they think the offer is "way too low." You can't blame them -- if Vivid Entertainment wasn't willing to sell the rights to the sex tape of a no-talent famewhore skank like Kim Kardashian for $20 million, then a legend like Tupac Shakur has to be worth way more than $150,000. (Celebs Gather)

News about Pac's sex tape landed across the Internet earlier this week.

A five-minute sex tape showing Tupac receiving oral sex while rapping and dancing has surfaced ... and TMZ has seen it. The tape, shot in 1991, begins with a bunch of groupies in a living room during a house party. Tupac walks into the room with his pants down to his ankles, his shirt off ... sporting several chains. Tupac -- whose head is shaved -- pulls one of the women toward him, and she begins performing oral sex. As she does her thing, an unreleased song of Tupac's is playing in the background, as Tupac is singing along and dancing, wiggling his hips. (TMZ)

Check out a past Tupac Shakur interview below:

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