5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "You Get To See Me Punch 50 Cent Right In The Head"

Friday, Sep 23, 2011 1:10PM

Written by SOHH for Randy Couture

[With the new DVD release of 50 Cent and Bruce Willis' Set Up thriller, co-star Randy Couture gives you his Top 5 reasons to cruise into the weekend with an action packed flick.]

1. It's Shoowwwtime

The first reason is because even though he doesn't have an album coming out right now he's got this movie out. 50 Cent. That's a reason you should buy this film. This was my first time I got the chance to meet Curtis Jackson. I had gotten a chance to meet Bruce Willis over the course of The Expendables. We had a great time. His and my characters spend a lot of time together in this movie. We were freezing our butts off in a lot of situations but we had a good time. It was great getting to know him and I had dinner with him a couple times during the course of the shoot.

2. You Got Knocked The F- Out!

Reason number two is because you get to see me punch 50 Cent right in the head. That's a pretty good reason that I can think of. I think 50 was excited about it. He wanted to sell it and make it look really good. I have to say, and you guys can be the judge, but it was kind of a sucker punch to be honest. Maybe you could say a litlte [Floyd Mayweather, Jr.] punch. I know they're good friends so that's kind of funny. He didn't see me coming but that's the way my character Petey operates in the movie. But it defintely was a fun scene.

3. Hollywood Stars

Reason number three would be because 50 and me got a chance to work with Bruce Willis and he's another great reason why you should buy this DVD. Everything was cool. I think a big reason is because I play Petey, a fairly small role in this movie, but I didn't care. Even though it was a small role, I wanted to get in and play with these guys. Pete was an interesting character, somebody that's out of the box. So for me to be able to play that was great. Ryan Phillippe is an amazing actor. Obviously Bruce Willis is a legend and Curtis is doing more movies. Him and I were both excited to see this cast of guys. So it was fun.

4. Go Hard Or Go Home

Reason number four is because you get to see me and 50 freeze our butts off in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Which is a pretty good reason. We had hard nipples in 12 degree weather. I don't think people realize when you're making movies how much time you spend standing around. Not in front of the camera, but waiting on the set-up and lighting to be just right so you can go on there and do your thing for five or six takes and trying to get on film what it is that the director wants you to get. In this case, a couple of scenes we're in a graveyard and in an alley way in 12 degree weather. They have a few propane warming tanks around and everyone is huddling trying to keep their a**es warm. So it was a challenge. I don't think there is any way you can prepare for that. You can only wear so much clothes and try to stand as close as you can to the heaters until it's time to go. Then you hope you don't look like you're freezing to death on the film.

5. The Plot Thickens

I think reason number five is because this is a really cool story. It's a lot of fun. You get to see Petey, which is my character. You'll see his demise. He's sort of a showboating, full of himself kind of a punk. And the way that Petey goes out is pretty classic in the film.

You Decide. Will you purchase Set Up?

To buy the new DVD, just click here.

Check out Randy Couture on-set of Set Up below:

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