News: Willow Smith Nearly Done Whippin' Up Her Roc Nation Debut

Monday, Sep 26, 2011 5:25PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Roc Nation's Willow Smith, daughter of powerhouse couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is reportedly placing the finishing touches on her upcoming debut album.

According to producer Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson, the LP is inching towards completion.

"I did like eight, nine songs on Willow, so right now, we're in the process of just trying to close out the album," he said. "It's just the whole process. You got to think about it: She's a 10-year old girl. She's gotta have a life, she's gotta be a kid." According to Jukebox, the album will contain a myriad of sounds. "Willow is kind of a combination of what 'Whip My Hair' was. Willow just isn't a pop star, she isn't just an urban artist; she's very international," he explained. "A lot of her music has a very big influence of everything from rock to pop to hip-hop." (MTV)

Last winter, rap veteran Skillz talked about contributing to Willow's album.

"We're working on some stuff for Willow Smith's album," he revealed in an interview. "I worked with her dad [Will Smith] on a few projects before so you know I have a relationship with him. It was just a natural progression like they're doing music so, you know, that door's always open. I'd be crazy not to try to walk through it, so we're working on some stuff. Her Roc Nation debut will be out probably next year. I can write for anybody. It's just stepping outside of yourself, looking at the market and realize on what's missing and try to fill that void. We all throw darts, sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't. But, you know, you keep going." (BET)

Based on recent reports, Willow's Roc Nation deal involves her blockbuster actor father.

Willow Smith knows her place -- she's a daughter/employee of Will Smith. TMZ has obtained documents filed by Roc Nation, Willow's record label owned by Jay-Z. According to the docs, Roc Nation entered into a recording agreement with Spooky Girl, Inc. "for exclusive recording and entertainment services of Willow Smith." Spooky Girl is Willow's company -- sort of. You see, the Prez of Spooky Girl is Will, and Willow is listed as an "employee." And it gets more interesting, because Jada Pinkett Smith is listed as Willow's guardian. Will can't list himself as a parent or guardian because it conflicts with his duties as president of Spooky Girl. So legally speaking, Jada protects Willow from Will! (TMZ)

Last October, Willow reflected on being an artist in Jay-Z's Roc Nation roster.

"It felt like all the hard work paid off, mostly that," Willow told us. "Like all the hard work that I've done, like recording 'Whip My Hair' -- it's paid off." She recalled making introductions: "We went to this building, I don't remember what it was, but we had a meeting and I got to hang out with him and meet him, and it was fun." (MTV)

Check out a recent Willow Smith photo shoot down below:

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