Singled Out: "Black Music Has Lost A Little Bit Of The Soul That Our Predecessors Used To Bring"

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011 3:40PM

Written by SOHH for Jason Weaver

[SOHH highlights a single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Roc Nation artist J. Cole informed readers why the single "Work Out" didn't require much work at all, actor/singer Jason Weaver explains why his new music is descended from R&B royalty.]

Alotta people are curious as to how me and my partner Sky Keeton came up with the name Sons of Bobby Brown. As we all know, even Black music has become infused with pop music and has kinda lost a little bit of the soul that some of our predecessors used to bring to the table.

We would get in the studio and record tracks like "You Got Me" ... songs that were a bit edgier and soulful. The music was turning out really great to the point where we were like, "D*mn. This would be great material to give to Bobby Brown if he was still out there doing his thing. These are songs that Bobby would do today."

Me and Sky were like, "Man, we're like the sons of Bobby Brown." We're rebels when it comes to this R&B sh*t. Because that's what Bobby was. He was authentic. He would go against the grain, and that translated well to the audience.

So that's why we call ourselves Sons of Bobby Brown, because we feel we're carrying on that legacy of presenting music that's drenched in soul.

I urge people to check out "You Got Me" -- its the first of many great records that we've got. It's a really great song and with this track, we wanna show people, "Hey man, we can sing."

We not on there doing Auto-tune. No. We can really sing. We will go behind the mic and go at it with the best of them. The reason we decided to put that song out first is because we felt that it best represented how we wanted to be perceived and looked at.

Jason Weaver is an actor/singer from Chicago. His film credits include "ATL", "Drumline", and the singing voice of Young Simba in the Disney Film "The Lion King". His latest musical endeavor, a mixtape project under the group name Sons of Bobby Brown will be available soon and will include cameos by Carl Thomas and Bobby Brown

Check out Sons of Bobby Brown with "You Got Me" below:

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