Singled Out: "When You're Speaking The Truth, It's Easier To Write"

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011 4:40PM

Written by J. Bachelor for J-Eye

[SOHH highlights a single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After alternative rap group Nappy Roots opened up about the real life inspirations behind "Hey Love", East Coast spitter J-EyE tells listeners why "This Goes Out" to all of those who choose to stand tall.]

I'm not necessarily the dude that's gonna be the loudest in the room, so I use my music to [speak for me]. This track was completed in 45 minutes. When you're speaking the truth, its easier to write.

The track came together [after] being inspired by the [beat] itself and wanting to do something that kinda gives people an idea of who I am as an artist as opposed to some of the other artists that are out there.

"This Goes Out" gives my story.

There's a message in every record, regardless of the [song's] direction. I think when you listen to a J-Eye record, [you'll find] inspiration for music and life. With this particular track, its all about being yourself and not being afraid to support the artists that are being themselves, as opposed to following the hype.

Dudes that are like that are [people like] Freddie Gibbs, he's kinda on the come-up, actually he's on the cusp now. Somebody who doesn't get alot of recognition is Maino. He's definitely somebody who's being himself; he's not the best lyricist in the game but he tells his story.

J-EyE is an East Coast MC who carries a message with each song released. In addition to his previous projects and work with other artists, he recently released the project Music, Heartbreak, Humility.

Check out the J-EyE track "This Goes Out" below:

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